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RAM refund and shipping costs?

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Mar 17, 2022
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Deal Thread URL: https://carbonite.co.za/index.php?t...r3-1333-rdimm-pc3-10600r.501957/#post-3265779
Buyer: @ATB
Description of Bad Deal:

I sold the above memory to @ATB, this memory came out of a working server. He advised that it was not working, I did not hesitate to refund him for the memory as well as his shipping. Please note he paid me R10 short for the shipping and he asked for the memory at a lower price which i agreed to. Now that i am making arrangements to have the memory returned he wants me to purchase it back from him

I forgot to mention that its already on resale here
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Please see attached image as per my response. I originally said I wanted him to pay for it. I then thought for a split second and changed my mind. The reason I have the ram for sale is because I'm requested to store it at my place until the end of the month and I don't want to store it.

Please note, OP mentioned the cost of shipping to me after paying Postnet for it.

wait wait hold up....

@raashiedstagie you have refunded him? And he now wants you to buy it back? and pay shipping?

Clear this up for me. Cos you both making as much sense as @Oj0 being 6ft tall.
Correct, I no longer want him to pay for the ram though. Raashiedstagie said he was going to pay for shipping towards the end of the month. It was not my request that he did, however I am grateful.
So why do we have a bad deal open? @raashiedstagie

What is in contention here? The shipping cost?
I messaged seller after he send this bad deal thread out. To be fair i was messing around with him. Nothing serious and thought he would have picked up on my sarcasm. My morals are not that bad that I would expect him to pay for an item that he owns.
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