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[Sale] Pulse80w/DeadRabbit/Extras + DIY kit for sale

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Feb 6, 2012
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Hey Guys,

Selling off my vape kit as I've kicked the habit.

Item: Vandy Vape Pulse 80w (regulated mod) + 20700 3100mah battery + Dead Rabbit RDA (Blue) + extras
Age: +- 4 months
Price: R650
Warranty: not 100% sure, but purchased from SirVape on September 18, 2018
Packaging: Original
Condition: like new
Location: Durban
Reason: quit vaping
Shipping: On you
Collection: Of Course
Dead Rabbit RDA by Hellvape & Heathen (The Sirs dont have the Rabbit listed anymore for some reason)

Extra include:
2x rolls of Coil (22g Kanthal and 26g NiChrome) - roughly 90% left on each spool
An open pack of cotton bacon Prime - used one strand

Item: Various DIY concentrates and paraphernalia (List Below)
Age: +- 4-6 months
Price: R300 for the lot
Warranty: none
Packaging: Original
Condition: See below
Location: Durban
Reason: quit vaping
Shipping: On you
Collection: Of Course

DIY kit collection, All concentrates are 10ml bottles, all items below were purchased from BLCKVapor. Regret no splitting as that becomes a bit of a logistics nightmare.

All prices are O.N.C.O

Item% Remaining
Sweet Mango - Cap60
Peach Juicy - TFA90
Blue Raspberry - FW50
Fuji Apple - FA90
Sour - TFASealed
Grape - INW50
Cotton Candy - LA90
Vanilla Swirl - TFA90
Forest Mix - FA80
Lime - Cap90
Kiwi Double - TFA80
Cola - INW50
Black Ice - BF90
Sweetener - TFA90
Cola - INWSealed
Juicy Lemon - INW80
Black Cherry - TFA90
Cola Syrup - TFA80
Strawberry Shisha - INW80
Raspberry Sweet - TFASealed
Lemonade - LASealed
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream - TFASealed
Lemon Sicily - FASealed
Strawberry Ripe - TFASealed
500ML PG60
500ML VGSealed
3x Amber Glass Dripper bottles 30ML
2x Clear Glass Dripper bottle 30ML
2x Clear Glass Dripper bottle 50ML
1x 5ML Syringe
2x 10ML Syringe
1x 20ML Syringe
4x Plastic Drippers
5x 30ML Plastic PET bottles

Or take everything for R800

Thanks guys!
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