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Possible account hack for a seller, need advice please.

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Sep 29, 2018
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Hello I am assuming this is the right place to put this.

A few days ago (Sunday morning) I started a conversation with a seller @ T teaberryy about a 1U server: [Sale] - 1u X9 SuperMicro server, 24GB RAM, 2x4TB Seagate Exos, intel E3-1230 | Combo (multi-item) sales & full systems
I started a conversation with the seller about the server and got a few details etc.
I said I would get back to him on weather or not I would end up buying it and he said that was fine but first come first serve due to another buyer wanting it.
The next day I got back to him and said I would be willing to buy it, note that shipping was required due to us being far from each other.
He only replied the next afternoon to confirm price (I asked if it was correct and all he said was yes)
Then he gave me banking details and I returned with shipping address etc.
I asked for updates for a few days and assumed he was waiting for payment to clear and to ship before replying.

Then today I get a response saying that his email password had been leaked and hoped that I hadn't paid but I had.
He said that the last message he sent was on the Sunday.
I told him that I'll open this thread and he has said that would be fine.
I've opened a case with my bank to try and reverse the money.

So what would the procedure be from here?
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