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Politics, Science, virus and cures


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Oct 11, 2017
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Science shows the novel coronavirus doesn’t transmit among crowds protesting for just causes. It’s strange, but researchers believe the virus can somehow sense whether a protest is progressive or conservative/religious — attacking the latter while sparing the former.
Pass it on.

Science also shows that the virus targets especially working-class and middle-class workplaces and industries — while, again, sparing gentry liberals gathering for protest.
Nature is truly a wonder!

The virus targets most religious gatherings, experts believe, and the more traditional the liturgy and beliefs, the more likely it is to wreak havoc on a house of worship. BUT, science also shows the virus spares liberal Episcopalians; a trans priestess works like a vaccine.

And Science shows clearly that handshakes instantly transmit COVID-19. BUT researchers have also found that if people hold hands in a line in solidarity against police brutality, then by some strange mechanism, the virus detects this and transmission stops.

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