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Open box sales


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May 16, 2019
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Cape Town
You may have noticed some posts from us around "open box" items, which have also recently been added to our site.

While I'm sure the majority of folks know the concept, figured I'd just break it down a little more.

We understand that sometimes a purchase was a mistake, the requirements are incorrect, or it's not totally up to your expectations. We'll never sell these as "new", but instead reduce the price in order to recuperate costs.
Everything is checked by us, to make sure all parts, accessories and packaging are there.

1. Open-box means, well, the box has been opened. The packaging has been opened, and the seal is broken, thus we're unable to return it to the supplier or resell it as a new item.
2. These items have not been used, or only used for a very brief period of time (sometimes plugged in for a few minutes). Before we list these items, we check to ensure these have not been used, damaged or tampered with. In the event there is something missing or damaged, we'll take care of it no questions asked.
3. The warranty is covered by us and will be handled no differently than if it were purchased new.

Currently, two examples as reference:

For this one, the radiator didn't fit in the case, due to a clearance issue. The CPU block still has the original protective plastic, so the thermal paste is 100% intact

For this one, the customer didn't like the lightbar at the top. The keyboard was plugged in for all of 5 minutes, then returned.

If there are any other questions, I'll be happy to address them here and amend the above information


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