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Mining Rig Cases


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May 15, 2017
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2 X Mining rig cases.
Each case comes complete with 4 high CFM fans for dedicated cooling of 4 mining / graphics cards, as well as 2.5" HDD and 4 PCI-E Riser cards and cables as well as a PSU splitter cable.
Cases allow for most boards to be mounted and can be adjusted to hug various power supplies and PSU sizes, also power / reset switches, LED's and cables are also supplied.
All that needs to be supplied by yourself is the components namely : Mainboard, RAM, CPU, and Graphics / Mining Cards.
This has been a project for a number for years and only over the hard lockdown period was I actually able to finish them off, so rather instead of them continuing to collect dust, may as well sell them for less then cost to a good home so that someone can actually put them to use.
R1900 for both cases.
Any questions please feel free to ask.
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