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Let's talk Star Trek: Strange New Worlds


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Oct 23, 2023
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Two weeks ago I had been craving Star Trek and my friend told me that Strange New Worlds exists and I had no idea! It's annoying it's not available on Netflix so had to watch via other means 🏴‍☠️

But having finished the first season I have to say it's the best of the modern Star Trek shows! It captures the same feelings of the old school Treks in the following ways:
1. It can be serious but it doesn't take itself too seriously
2. It's accessible for all ages i.e. you can watch it as a family
3. Its focus is on exploration and philosophies, not the glorification of the military industrial complex
4. It creates hope in the belief that anything is possible, because the future is in our hands today

It captures these elements and yet it feels brand new and modern! The writing is excellent, the lighting and visual effects are top notch, beautiful costume design and makeup! It definitely deserves its Emmy nominations 👏👏

Given my praise of the show, I still think it has a formula in that you know they're always going to win/survive. It's always interesting just watching how it plays out, but just an observation.
Sometimes it can be too idealistic for example all these alien-beings, cultures, nationalities, ethnicities, ideologies; all these people work on the same ship and there's never ever conflict between crewmates?? GTFO!
Or maybe my workplace is just toxic lol!

Anyway I love the show and I recommend you watch if you haven't already!

What do you think of the show? Do you agree that it's amazing or do you think differently?
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