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IT Support

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Iwan Kemp

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Jun 12, 2015
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Information Technology Support

The role consists of assisting in the day-to-day IT activities as well as assisting in coordinating, planning, and leading IT related activities in the company


  • Assists in the IT Infrastructure Systems: Van Der Vyver Tpt, De Baa, and TFC:
  • Provide support to ensure that the company’s IT Systems are operational 24 hours per day
  • To assist in addressing all IT problems immediately to ensure optimal operational efficiency regarding the following:

  • Servers:
  • Host and Virtual Server management
  • Microsoft 365 Exchange management
  • AD Management
  • Service providers, daily monitoring, and backups of servers
  • Monitor user data and network usage
  • Assist to ensure all Third-Party applications are functioning correctly and communicating correctly with all clients and other hardware.

  • Communications Systems
  • The operational effectiveness of the VOIP PBX Communication System and internal communications hardware
  • All Mobile Communication adheres to company requirements and functions correctly
  • Responsible for the purchasing and repairs of all two-way radios

  • Security of data, network access, and backup systems
  • Assist in the risk management by ensuring correct “permissions” are allocated to employees as instructed by management;
  • “Permissions” to be revised twice a year (March and August)
  • Manage Antivirus Software on Servers and clients to ensure minimal risk of infection and data loss
  • Assist in the monitor and managing of all backups (daily data backups, daily server replications and daily tape backup) as programmed in Veeam.
  • Assist in maintaining the firewall (Sonicwall) to ensure minimal risk of external intrusion and data theft

  • Network hardware, Software, and databases
  • Assist in maintaining biometric systems, software and ensure network and database communication is working
  • Monitor network hardware performance and perform maintenance when needed
  • Responsible for all printers and ensuring they are operational at all times
  • Manage access points to ensure stable and secure connections
  • Assist in the managing of the firewall to allow users and software correct access permissions
  • Work with external contractors and vendors that will assist you in maintenance and upgrades to deliver support when necessary

  • Support and relationships
  • Deal with routine daily support and queries
  • Prioritize support to maximize operational efficiency
  • Provide training to staff members as needed
  • Build relationships within the company to be able to assess the requirements of staff and management
  • Build and maintain relationships with suppliers and service providers

Apply by sending your CV to: [email protected]

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