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Review Iphone 15 Leather Cases - Your reviews


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Nov 17, 2010
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Fourways, Johannesburg
I for a while love the feel and look of leather cases on phones and im sure am not alone in this. It always my go to option. With the new 15 series of iphones, this is now sadly replaced by the controversial fine woven cases. So im making this thread for us leather lovers to review and discuss the leather cases you have purchased to better inform the community on what the pros and cons are with your purchases


so this is the bellroy i purchased. Reasons why initially this caught my eye were for a few reasons:

1. Its top grain leather (better than apples genuine leather)
2. Minimilist look
3. Like the fact that the buttons are alluminum but finished in the same colour of the case
4. Bellroy fused the leather with a slight rubber bumper that is colour matched perfectly with the leather cover and creates this seemless look. Hardly noticeable
5. Does not add much bulk to the phone
6. The colour ... feel the green/grey colour compliments the natural titanium very well

So quickly what are the pros and cons

Lets start with the cons:
1. Was initally charged R1500 off bellroys site thinking they covered everything, but customs hit me with an extra R750. Left a sour taste in my mouth
2. In theory i liked bellorys use of the rubber bumpers, the way it seemlesly wraps around the front of the case and its well executed. But ... holding it in hand you feel that sharp edge where the rubber and leather meet and its not very comfy as it digs into your fingers slightly. Its not horrible but def something one would notice
3. I can see the magsafe ring and i dont use magsafe. This is my OCD acting up
4. The biggest con is the cutout for the action button. It needs a button. Cant press the button easily and one needs to dig right in there to get a toggle.
5. I would have preferred a stamped bird logo in the centre of the case as opposed to the bellroy stamped lettering at the bottom. I think they should really consider doing this

1. The colour is as per the website and compliments the phone well
2. Buttons have a nice tactile feel when pushing them. No different to an original apple case and the buttons are not huge or protruding taking away from ergonomics or the looks of the case
3. Cutouts are perfectly aligned
4. Seems like decent leather and time will tell how this wears. Def a notch up from Apple. No big leathery smell though
5. Customer service is very responsive. So when i complained about the action button, the team indicated they will either send me a "fix" when its available or replace the case for free with a new revised design incoporating the action button ... button
6. The camera bump and cutout is designed well and very much akin to the apple leather cases of the past. Its not huge or unsightly like other cases ive seen

so in conclusion do i reccomend it? i cant with the action button being a cutout. but once the action button is a button ... can i still recommend it? its pricey and given a second chance would likely not buy it again. Not to say its bad its actually quite ok. I am keen to check out Mujjo, Andar, bullstrap and Wiiuka

SCORE: 7.5/10

(excuse spelling errors ... for some reason spellcheck aint working)
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my reservations on the other cases:
1. Andar: aesthetically the black buttons and black camera bump would have been better if it matched the case colour
2. Bullstrap: its expensive. supposedly there is a 20% discount one can get. Open bottom. The camera surround seems chunky
3. Mujjo: Might be the one i buy. Full grain leather but it is very smooth and clean looking for full grain !? Pricey at r2600 landed. Seen some negatives saying it patinas like Apples recent leather cases (the fake patina). So do i take a chance?
4. Wiiuka: A german brand and very similar to bullstrap. Open bottom and no button for the action button. But much more slimmer than the bullstrap. Seems to be getting stellar reviews from everyone. Cant tell what grain of leather they use

So this one came with today. Very well made and well finished. Cutouts are all perfect. It’s says full grain leather but it’s so perfectly finished that I wonder how this will wear. Not even bullstrap is full grain …
Hi there, ever considered the Enzo Spigen Leather case?

I personally use the Andar Aspen Navy for my 14 pro, using it for a good few months and still loving it. I am currently waiting for my new case to be delivered.

It’s not leather, I went for The Puffer Case by Urban Sophistication
Nah I would never buy the Enzo, it’s way overpriced.

The Andar Aspen set me back around R1500 with duties and shipping
Sorry, I got it for my 14 pro. Bought it a few months back, don’t remember getting any any discount code though
Sorry, I got it for my 14 pro. Bought it a few months back, don’t remember getting any any discount code though
you made me check out andar and they currently have 25% off ... so ex customs and vat the 15 pro max cases are costing R1200 odd
Go for it, it’s a great case and will probably last the phones entire lifespan 😉
Also the site is showing the Aspen at around 41 USD before tax so that should be just under R800… but I’m checking the 15 pro range on preorder. I think they had to make new ones with the action button included. The previous version for the 15 had a cut out instead.
The white leather looks awesome…

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