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GTX 960 reference 2GB water cooled and shunt modded dropping down boost problem


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Mar 23, 2015
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Hi guys! hope you are all well ^^
so i have loaded a custom bios into my Refrence GTX 960 with a water cooler and power shunt soldered.
the problem i am having is the boost set to 1544MHZ at 1.243v keeps dropping down when i enter benchmarks temps do not exceed 40 degrees C it jumps down example
1544mhz then 1503 mhz then 1480 mhz all the way down till it settles at 1103 mhz and stays there how can i fix this guys did i forget a setting in the bios i edited?
thanx in advance guys ^^

it takes about 5 seconds to drop from 1544 mhz set in bios down to 1103 mhz the voltage stays constant at 1.243v in hwid

help me carbies!

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