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[Sale] Golf Clubs, Driver, Bag, Shoes, Tees & Balls


Senior Member
Rating - 100%
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This should be great for a beginner, GLWS
Yeah, thanks mate. I've had them on and off sale for over a year now, they have served me well but since I have other more interesting hobbies (not that golf isn't interesting to me anymore) that cost money, there's no use keeping them any more. As you can see I've decided against selling them a few times, but it is time. :)

I believe the shoes are a nice addition too, as they cost over R500 on their own.
Rating - 100%
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Putting this back up for sale (R600), with the following items left:
- Top-Flite Bag
- Irons: Wilson HiFlite. 3 Iron to Sand Wedge. Quite used, some heads had to be re-attached. If you are looking for a sparkly new set, then this is not for you.
- Driver: 10.5 degree Top Flite Super Beta Titan. Got the usual marks, but still in good shape. One of the newer things in the bag. Graphite shaft, stiff flex.
- Putter: Wilson Harmonized 003. Not much to say, it's a putter.