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Review Gamdias products


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Feb 2, 2018
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Hi guys,

Didn't really think I was going to post anything about my experience with the Gamdias products but the more I "use" my fans and look at my fiance using her headset the more I feel I need to share the crappy experience we've had.

Products in use:
- Gamdias Aeolus M1 1403R 140mm RGB Case Fans
- Gamdias Aeolus M1 1204R 120mm RGB Case Fans
- Gamdias Hephaestus E1 Stereo Sound Gaming Headset

So I bought a new NZXT H500i case and decided to give the Gamdias fans a go as they looked cool and are "cheap".
The case uses 3 x 140mm fans and 1 x 120mm fan for the exhaust/back extraction fan.

Initially I bought the 140mm fan pack with 1 x additional Gamdias 120mm RGB fan separately. Unfortunately only after finishing the build and connecting the fans to the control unit did I notice the single fan that I bought doesn't use the same connector.

So what I initially thought were cheap fans turned out to be very expensive as I needed to buy a 120mm fan pack just for one fan...

After buying the extra fans and finishing the build everything work fine and looked good for a few weeks but as time went buy I noticed that one of the LED's on the bloody 120mm fan started to give trouble as it would flicker and sometimes just die or change into the wrong colour.

Fast forward a few months later and I have fans with a few dead LED's as well as the controller not working as it should. I will turn on or change the colour/speed of the fans with the remote and three fans will change and the other one just remains the same.

A friend of mine bought the same fans at the time and his remote just completely stopped working.

So that is it for the fans however, as for the headset it's a different story.

I bought a set of Gamdias Hephaestus E1 Stereo Sound Gaming Headset for my fiance and the reason she wanted these instead of something a little more expensive was purely because of the RGB.
They are terrible! The sound quality isn't too bad and she's not gaming for hours at a time but she's unable to use them as the planned.

The headset makes a constant whining noise when the RGB is on and it is extremely irritating. When you switch it off through the software the noise is gone but that is defeating the purpose!

My recommendation: If you or someone you know are looking at buying their products because they are fairly cheap, DON'T.
We are completely dissatisfied with their products and will definitely not buy something from this brand again.

Let me know if you have a different experience with your Gamdias products down in the comments or perhaps you feel the same?




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Jul 23, 2015
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"Goedkoop koop is duur koop"

As a matter of principle, I live by that saying (when I can and with discretion - one doesn't need to pay insane prices for quality products) and it hasn't really let me down.

Same thing kinda happened to me when I decided to go cheaper rather than high-end RGB:
I recently completely overhauled my system (incl new mATX case) after a ton of research and not a very high budget.
I finally "settled" on the NZXT H400, because it had 3 included fans, over some other cases I was contemplating - I regretted it as soon as my system was up and running.
The fans were incredibly loud (for me - I have high standards when it comes to a silent PC) - so my search for new fans started, and I decided I might as well look for RGB.
I looked at a set of Gamdias fans when I was searching, as well as Aeolus, but didn't buy them as I don't know those brands (I also didn't want to fork out R600+ for a set of fans on Evetech and then pay that ridiculously high shipping costs).
I settled on a 140mm RGB Masterfan from CoolerMaster as top outlet fan, as it is one of the "cheaper" RGB fans on the market (the deciding factor was my positive experience with them in the past) and 2 non-RGB Noctua NF-S12B Redux fans for intake fans.
Now I regret the RGB buy as well - below 50% speeds it vibrates every 4 seconds at a frequency that makes you feel it through the desk (like the low B-string on a bass!).
I compensate for this by setting the speed at 60% - the vibrations go away and it's quite silent, but it probably won't last as long as it could've.

Your review, along with my experience with the cheaper fan of the lot, proved the old saying.
If I decide to purchase RGB in future, I'll probably go for the higher-end Corsair or Thermaltake sets (but for now I'm happy).

I got the 2 Noctua fans for cheaper than the CM RGB fan, and they're rock solid, completely silent and perform like a dream.
Just shows that cheap RGB isn't worth it, cause they have to cut costs somewhere - if one wants to go RGB, pay the price or regret it.

Hope you find something decent to replace them with - if you don't mind letting go of RGB, I can really recommend those Noctua fans (they're incredible) :)

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