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DBZ : Kakarot


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Mar 14, 2019
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I've always been an avid lover of DBZ (both the anime and gaming franchise) and when a friend of mine mentioned to me that a new DBZ game was coming out this January I was over the moon.
I know there have been some titles that didn't live up to standard (I'm looking at you Ultimate Tenkaichi/DBZ Kinect/Battle of Z) but I think Dragon Ball Fighter Z showed good promise of what is to come. I wanted to get everyone's opinion on the DBZ franchise, hear what you think of DBZ Kakarot, what you're most looking forward to, whether or not you'd be getting the game yourselves etc. If I'm not mistaken this is going to be the first DBZ game to be released on PC (obviously I've already pre-ordered it lol) and from some gameplay vids and the trailer the game looks stunning! If you are interested you can pre-order the game on Humble Bundle for about R714.89 or on steam for R850

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