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Chernobyl - Mini-Series


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Oct 27, 2016
Durban, KZN
QFT - this is a better way to go about things - rewatching anything that you like is fine as long as there's nothing new to move on to - and IMHO these 5 episodes will be better than rewatching, for an example even the best season of game of thrones - I mean you have already seen it and it won't change, so rewatching won't create much tangible benefit in your life, but watching something new might

And for sure while Chernobyl as the TV series might not be to everyone's taste its still worth watching at least the first episode to decide that, but it does get better as it goes on, as in very thought provoking drama which makes for riveting television - this was finally a very moreish TV series ie you couldn't bear to wait for the next episode because you truly want to know what happens next, even though history already basically made you aware of what happened
Lol. Rewatch my favourite season of Game of Thrones, as if there was such a thing. I'd rather rewatch the Animaniacs or every Pokemon episode ever (which is basically the same thing 4000 times) than that crap.