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[Sale] - ASUS GTX 1070TI Cerebrus Advanced Edition 8GB | GPUs
T ThundeR-StruK
P pb1661
This Guy a big scammer going by the name of Brandon Govender. He try to sell me a gtx 1060 6gb on saterday and the tryed to sell me form this site a Intel i5 4690k + MSI Z97S Krait + 8GB 1866mhz DDR3 ram. I spoke to him on whatsapp about the graphis card he was very friendly and I made a deal with him because he gave me the impression that he needed to sell the card as he was upgrading to this on. He then gave me a fake police decliration with a fake cop on it faking the stamp and all then when I pay him half the money as per deal he did not give me the tracking number asked for more money because his car did not have petrol in it and his card did not work. Sonday olx sent me a message saying is scammer and has been removed. There after i saw the number this guy gave me was the same as the fake police report. I phoned plet police station as said it's fake cop and he does not live at that address. Guy also told me he lived at dolphen bay as well. Does not pic up the phone and give you a better price and sobby story. I just don't want any one els to loose money.


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Reverse image searching his one photo gives this if its of interest :
Google Image Result for https://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/OTAwWDE0NDA=/z/9AkAAOSwr-Ra70zw/$_1.JPG
Its the same photo I believe.
Check in his sale post on the edges of the notes in the photos. There are artefacts from editing in his own text. Also that text is a font. I saw the OP's declaration he got from him. Also a font on that edited over a scanned document. Wouldn't have noticed it but in the text he made a mistake spelling "graphics" as "gtaphics" which is a QWERTY spacing unique error.

Pierre maybe you can post the note so people know what to look for??
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