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Apex tournament?

DM me if you wanna join a local Apex tourney community that has weekly tourneys or if you're looking for teammates if you're on that ranked grind.
@ViVceptioN I believe that LTM modes are now available for private lobbies... So if numbers are an issue we can play Gun Run or Control.
Lower levels of load-shedding currently, perhaps we could try something this weekend? I believe we can also host the 'mix-tape' game modes now so don't need as many players.
I have loadshedding again tomorrow during our scheduled time so I won't be able to attend
This might work better if we create a LAN disocrd or something? everyone who is keen to play joins the discord and then maybe every 2 weekends or so we can have like 2 sessions, maybe one ona friday evening and one on a saturday afternoon, that way im sure everyone would get a chance to play and work around the loadshedding. We can try keep the times the same every weekend so that there is a consitant schedule we can all count on?

I just feel that it would be easier to Join the disocrd and recieve the updates there instead of trying to keep up with this thread?
Any of these private matches happening? Just started getting back into apex last week so this sounds fun
Would also be keen to get into some private matches. also if there are any carbies that wanna squad up let me know. I mainly just do 1v1s or play Mixtape tho. Lol
Also Keen to play with Locals if still happening.

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