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[PIF] A whole bunch of computer crap

Rating - 100%
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Item: Just see below...
Warranty: I won't even justify a response to this.
Age: See above...

Cables (DP, Ethernet (lots), Power and odds and ends)
ADSL NetGear Router - No clue if it works but it is there, should work though. (Have the original packaging)
D-Link 5 port mini switch - The small kind that fits on your desk
Logitech KB360 wireless keyboard (lost the receiver - but apparently any unifying one works)

Okay - Fine Print - It all has to go. Don't really want to be left with odds and ends so whoever wants the entire lot will get first preference.

Whatever you don't need/want - Pass it on to someone who might. Oh yeah - The final clause, this stuff cannot be sold. It is given as a PIF.

If I find more stuff as we clear out - I will make new threads under PIF.
Rating - 100%
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Matt ill provisionally call dibs on this. In Cape Town.

Can use some of this for our neighborhood watch.

Just need to check what i have to PIF tomorrow. :)
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