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  1. PvtHinge

    [Wanted] Looking for a Titan or Titan Black gpu

    Hi all, Let me just get down to business here... Item Wanted: Titan or titan black Packaging Essential: nope don't care if it has it's box or not ect. Desired Age: any is fine as long as it works. Location: PTA/JHB Willing to accept a shipped item: not really but, I don't mind making a plan...
  2. GrantieGrant

    [Wanted] Xbox 360 back plate and wireless receiver

    Hi all, looking for a fairly niche combo, if anybody out there can help that would be cool. I'm looking for a Xbox 360 controller battery pack holder as well as a wireless receiver. Willing to pay around 300 bucks. kind regards, Grant.
  3. J

    [Wanted] Any cheap laptop for my Father. Not for gaming..

    Item: Any cheap laptop at least 15" / 4gig ram / i5 Age: not more than 7 years old Condition: Must Be Working / all cables should be included / battery preferably in working condition Location: JHB Kempton Park Reason: My father want's to have something portable when working outside/garage...
  4. B

    [Wanted] Any 1050ti or 970gtx under R2500

    Item: Any 1050ti or 970gtx under R2500 Age: doesnt matter Price: R2500 or under Warranty: N/A Packaging: Basic will be fine Condition: Secondhand/New Location: prefer Johannesburg area...
  5. S

    [Wanted] Samsung OR SIMILAR 2.1 or above Home Theatre/DVD/Blu-Ray player -- to drive 2 speakers + sub

    Item Wanted: Samsung or similar 2.1 or above Home Theatre or DVD or Blu-Ray player (player ONLY, no speakers wanted), need it to drive 2 speakers + passive(?) subwoofer. Sub is Samsung with speaker cables (not RCA (or 'RCA') cable) Packaging Essential: some cushioning would be good for safety...
  6. GrantieGrant

    [Wanted] Socket 1155

    Hi all, I am looking for a very specific motherboard. The current rig that I have has a Gigabyte GA-H61M-S2P motherboard, this board unfortunately only supports sata 3gb/s and pci express x16 with usb 2.0. The motherboard that I'm looking for is a unicorn:p If anybody out there can help me...
  7. R

    [Wanted] MOBO, CPU and RAM

    Hi Carbonites, I am looking at upgrading the following components in my PC: Items Wanted: MOBO, CPU (i5 or i7) and RAM (8GB or 16GB) - I am a gamer ^^, Packaging Essential: not really Desired Age: doesn't matter just as long as it works 100% Location: Gauteng - Johannesburg Collection: Would...