1. PaladinLaw

    Potentially Trading/Upgrading, looking for advice on if it's worth it.

    Hi guys So, Someone's made me a trade offer. They're offering the following: Intel G4560 (2C 4T @3.5GHz) - Kaby Lake MSI Z270-A Pro Mobo 2 x 4gb Ram (Not sure what kind, assuming unbranded) What I have: 4th Intel Core i3-4170 (2C 4T @ 3.7GHz) - Haswell Gigabyte Z97P-D3H Mobo 2 x 4gb...
  2. iLLyRiaN

    [Trade]  Huawei B315 LTE CPE Wi-Fi Router

    Item: Huawei B315 LTE CPE Wi-Fi Router Age: 6 months old (received 09-2018) Price: TRADE for Huawei E5885 or similar LTE MiFi Warranty: Expires September 2019 Packaging: available if required, includes a single ethernet cable Condition: As new Location: CPT, 7925 Reason: No longer suits my...
  3. R

    [Sale/Trade]  Apple IPad 5th generation

    Item: Apple IPad 5th generation Age: +-18 months Price:R4500 Warranty:Not sure Packaging:Need to look for box Condition:Excellent Location:Pretoria or Edenvale Reason:Need cash Shipping:preferably not Collection:Yes Includes UAG cover and charging cable. Cellular and WiFi
  4. H

    [Trade]  Asus Strix Vega 64 for your GTX 1080 or 1080Ti

    Item Wanted: GTX 1080 or 1080 ti with Cash Difference Packaging Essential: Yes very good packaging please. Desired Age: 1.5 year or less Location: Any, as long as we can ship Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes. but needs to be packaged very neatly. Ballpark/Budget Amount: willing to trade...
  5. ShaunDK

    [Sale/Trade]  VENGEANCE® LPX 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz C16 Black - 1 of the 2 sticks

    Looking to sell or trade for an X99 Motherboard. This is kind of urgent. Item: VENGEANCE® LPX 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz C16 Black - 1 of the 2 Age: Unsure Price: R1500 Warranty: Nope - Split set Packaging: No Condition: Excellent Location: Centurion Reason: Need a new mobo Shipping...
  6. Langrish17

    [Sale/Trade]  My 8400 + Cash for your 8600k

    Item: I5 8400 8th hen CPU Age: 6 months Price: Trade Warranty: Yes Packaging: Yes Condition: Great Location: Houghton, JHB Reason: 8600k Shipping: Yes Collection: Yes Item Wanted: I5 8600k Packaging Essential: no Desired Age: Any Location: Any Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes...
  7. alcatraz5953

    [Trade]  GTA V (Xbox One) for another game

    Item: GTA V (Xbox One) Age: Year and a half? I think Packaging: Original Case Condition: Mint Location: Northern Burbs, Cape Town Reason: Over it Shipping: Not really worth it, but we can discuss Collection: Sure Looking for something new to play. Still looking for the Witcher 3 or Fifa 19 but...
  8. YourSmartHome

    [Wanted]  PayPal USD 450

    Usually, sell, but this time need some Haha Wanted Coin\Currency: PayPal Amount: $450 Current Market Value: Price: R6000 exchange link: Low iTraders Will send the funds first and then I'll pay. Payment from Standard Bank btw, so that will be preferred FYI -------- For your and my...

    [Sale/Trade]  Xbox One X

    Item: Xbox One X + 2 Controllers + 2 Charge Kits Age: +/- 1 Year Price: R6000 Warranty: No - ended 22-01-2019 Packaging: No, will bubble wrap and box it Condition: Excellent Location: Boksburg Reason: Need Cash Shipping: Yes, Cost and risk on you Collection: Yes Links: Xbox One X | Xbox...
  10. K

    [Sale/Trade]  EVGA GTX1070 SC

    Wanting to either sell or trade up my GPU with a cash difference from me. This guy runs perfectly, always super cool in perfect condition. EVGA so you know your getting the best. Guess anyone in need of cash or not using their card to full potential this thread is for you. Item: EVGA GTX1070 SC...

    [Trade]  Xbox one S to trade for your PS4

    Item: Xbox One S 500gb with 2 games and vertical stand Age: 1 year Price: N/A Warranty: Nope Packaging: None Condition: Mint Location: Ferndale Randburg Reason: Want a PS4 slim Shipping: No Collection: Yes Trade : Wanna trade for a PS4 slim Got this for my daughter but she likes...
  12. Nivea

    [Trade]  Trade iPhone 7 Plus 256GB RED for a Samsung/Good android.

    Item:iPhone 7 Plus 256 project red for a higher end android phone . Age:2 years Price: Your phone lol Warranty: No Packaging: Yes Condition: Excellent, few scratches at the edges from the case Location:Alberton, JHB Reason: Leaving the ecosystem Shipping:no Collection: Yes prefer f2f
  13. B

    [Sale/Trade]  Tippmann A-5 Paintball Gun + Accessories

    Item: Tippmann A-5 Paintball Gun + Accessories Age: ~3-5 years, used about twice Price: R1500 or to trade for electric guitar or why? Warranty: N/A Packaging: N/A Condition: Dusty, response trigger requires o-ring Location: Pretoria / Centurion Reason: Never used Shipping: N/A Collection: Of...
  14. fanaticvo0

    [Trade]  3x Rx570 for 1070 or 1070ti

    Item Wanted: 1070 or 1070ti for 3x Rx570 Item to Trade: MSI Rx570 x3 Packaging Essential: nope Desired Age: dosent matter Location: JHB Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes Ballpark/Budget Amount: NA
  15. D

    [Trade]  New Huawei P20 Lite Single sim + moneys for your Huawei P20 Lite Dual sim

    Item: Huawei P20 Lite Single sim - Blue Age: 1 month in box, only powered on to test that it worked Price: Trade only for P20 Lite - Dual sim version in blue Warranty: Through me Packaging: Yes, all original Condition: New Location: Boksburg Reason: I received this as my new company phone...
  16. PaladinLaw

    [Wanted]  Looking for any 4 core 4th Gen CPU

    Item Wanted: Any 4th Gen true 4 core. Eg, i5-4590, but hung that has 4 physical cores will do. Socket 1150 Packaging Essential: Nope Desired Age: Anything not made in 19 voetsek Location: Johannesburg Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes Ballpark/Budget Amount: Around R1000. Would also be open...
  17. Cookie

    [Wanted]  S7/S8 - PC Component Trade options available

    Item Wanted: S7 / S8 Packaging Essential: No, but would be nice Desired Age: Less than 1.5 years Location: Cape Town Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes, you ship first if iTrader is lower Ballpark/Budget Amount: Check trade options R2000 - R4000 Items to trade: PSU - Corsair HX1200i...
  18. TheVeteran

    [Trade]  i7 8700k for your 9700k/9900k + cash

    Item Wanted: i7 9700k/9900k Packaging Essential: Yes Desired Age: Few months Location: Polokwane/Jhb once a month Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes/Meet up in Jhb for trade + cash Ballpark/Budget Amount: Trade + cash(R1000-R2000 neg) Cpu bought brand new in April 2018. Packaging intact...
  19. S

    [Trade]  4th gen upgrade kit plus gtx 1050 2gb for a ryzen upgrade kit

    #for sale template Item:i5 4590+8gb ddr3 ram+asus h81m-c+gtx 1050 2gb g1 gaming ,can add a msi core frozr L cpu aswell Age:unknown,gpu is 2 years old Price:4500 Warranty:no Packaging:only for the gpu Condition:100% working condition Location:alberton Reason:got a new gpu so i need a new upgrade...
  20. Zoltan2222

    [Feeler]  This be the mother post (4690K combo swop/sale)

    Hi all I want to downgrade as I dont game for now, but in the same time jump a few gens higher on a lower spec. All funds raised will be donated to my caddy pick up project :ROFLMAO:🤪 Item: I5 4690K CPU under Cooler Master V6 embedded on Asus Maximus VII Hero (Asus OC Panel inc), accompanied by...