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  1. S

    [Sale] 128GB SSD's

    Item: 4 x Samsung 128GB SSD's (MZ-7LN1280). Age: Differ. Warranty: Lets say no. Packaging: Anti static bags. Condition: Excellent. Location: Woodmead. Reason: Upgrading. Shipping: Yes. Collection: Yes. Price: R1450 for the lot. Link: www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820147657
  2. N

    i7 Desktop

    Hi, What can i get for my machine: Item: CPU i7-4770K @ 3.5GHz (8CPUs) Item: MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (With packaging) Item: 2 x DDR3 Ram 4GB Item: SSD 128GB (Windows 10 Pro loaded) Item: HDD 1TB Item: Thermaltake 650W power supply Item: MSI MS-7850 Item: Deep Cool case Age: 4 years...
  3. K

    [Feeler] SSDs - Samsung Mz-7pd256m (840 Pro OEM) 250gb / Sandisk Extreme 240gb

    Item: Samsung Mz-7pd256m (840 Pro OEM) 250gb Age: +- 1.5 years Price: R800 Warranty: None (No pop) Packaging: None Condition: "Good" - CrystalDiskInfo Location: CT Reason: Bigger capacity Shipping: Sure Collection: Preferred Link: Looks like this Item: Sandisk Extreme 240gb Age: Unsure Price...
  4. E

    [Sale] Samsung 15.6" Notebook | i7-3610QM (2.30GHz) | 8GB RAM | 256GB SSD | Brand New Battery

    Age: mid 2013 Price: R4000 (negotiable) Warranty: No (though there is on the new battery) Packaging: Nope, Will Box Nicely Condition: Great - well looked after Location: Bellville/Somerset West/Stellenbosch Reason: Upgraded Shipping: Yes (buyer's cost and risk) Collection: Yes Included...
  5. S

    [Sale] 5 x 128GB SSD's

    Item: 5 x Samsung 128GB SSD's (MZ-7LN1280). Age: Differ. Warranty: Lets say no. Packaging: Anti static bags. Condition: Excellent. Location: Woodmead. Reason: Upgrading. Shipping: Unfortunately not. Collection: Yes. Price: R1750 for the lot. Link...
  6. D

    [Sale] Rx570 x 11card Mining Rig

    11 Card AMD Powercolor Rx570 Crypto Mining Rig( price negotiable) Cards could also be sold separate Components: GPU: 11x Powercolor Radeon Rx570 4GB PSU: 1x Antec 750watt Truepower PSU: 2x Antec 650watt Modular bronse + 1 generic psu for MB+CPU Moterboard: Biostar TB250-BTCPro - Supportsup to...
  7. N

    [Sale] Samsung T3 Portable SSD 250GB

    Item: Samsung T3 Portable SSD 250GB Age: New Price: R1200.00 Warranty: 3 Year Packaging: Still in original packaging Condition: Excellent, brand new. Location: Johannesburg Reason: Trying to save up to buy new HDD Shipping: At your expense (R99 via Postnet) Collection: Yes, we can arrange a...
  8. famine

    [Sale] Western Digital Green 240GB SSD

    Item: Western Digital Green 240GB SSD Age: 5 Months Price: R800 Warranty: 3 Years Packaging: Original Condition: Excellent Location: Cape Town Fish Hoek Reason: Moving overseas Shipping: sure, at buyers cost Collection: sure, mi casa su casa Link: WD Green PC SSD - Solid State Drive | Western...
  9. R

    [Sale] SAMSUNG 850 EVO 250GB

    Item: SAMSUNG 850 EVO 250GB SSD Age: 1 week Price: R1300 Warranty: 5 Years with Pinnacle Packaging: Yes Condition: 100% Working, was taken out of box when Pinnacle technicians tested it. Location: Johannesburg, Woodmead Reason: Upgrading Shipping: TCG, Buyer's cost Collection: Yes, preferred...
  10. Francthetank

    [Sale/Trade] Samsung SSD 840EVO 750GB 2.5" SATA

    Item: Samsung 840EVO 750GB Age: 3 Years Price: R2.2k Warranty: Nope Packaging: Nope Condition: Health report Location: Centurion Reason: Moving Shipping: Your cost / risk Collection: Yes Link: Samsung Specs 840EVO 750GB
  11. M

    [Sale] Samsung T3 Portable (SSD) - 250GB

    Item: 2 x Samsung T3 Portable (SSD) - 250GB Age: New Price: R1000 Warranty: 3-yr Limited Warranty with Samsung Packaging: Sealed Condition: New Location: Lenasia\Ormonde Reason: Unwanted Reward Shipping: No Collection: Yes Link: Samsung T3 Portable (SSD)
  12. Rybrid

    [Sale] Crucial MX300 275GB SSD - R1350 - Cape Town

    Item: Crucial MX300 275GB SSD Age: Since 27 September 2017 Price: R1350 Warranty: 3 Years, Still have Invoice with DC3 Distribution Packaging: Retail Box, Still have Box. Condition: 100%, well looked after. Location: Cape Town, Edgemead Reason: Gaming Laptop Shipping: Cost and Risk on Buyer...
  13. ||C0NFLiCT||

    [Sale] Hp 15-r116ni Notebook, with a bit of Vuma!

    Item: Laptop\Notebook Age: 2014 Price:R 4,500 Warranty: Expired (24/12/2015) Packaging: No (Bubble wrap and boxing can be provided) Condition: Excellent, few scratches Location: East London Reason: Upgrading Shipping: Yes, at your risk and cost Collection: Yes, preferable Specs Link: HP...
  14. TheVeteran

    [Sale] Msi GE72 6QD i7 6700hq 16gb ddr4 gtx 960m

    Item: Msi GE72 6QD Apache Pro Screen:17.3” fhd screen Cpu:i7 6700hq Memory:16gb ddr4 ram Ssd/hdd:256gb m.2 ssd+1tb hdd Gpu:Gtx 960m 2gb+Intel 530 Windows:Windows 10 home 64 bit Network: Killer E2400 ac wifi and bluetooth 4.0 Full color backlit Steelseries keyboard,DVD drive,webcam. Age: Bought...
  15. rubber_otter

    [Sale/Trade] HP i7 ZBook 15u G3 Still under warranty

    Item: HP Zbook 15u G3 Age: 1 - 2 years Warranty: I think there is still warranty left Packaging: No, I have the laptop and a charger, and possibly a bag. I think i have one in the cupboard. Condition: Very good. No nicks or scratches or bumps Location: Kempton Park Reason: I want a Oneplus 5T...
  16. PHalanKS

    [Sale/Trade] Samsung 850 EVO 500GB mSata SSD

    Item: Samsung 500GB 850 Evo Series mSATA Solid State Drive Age: Not sure Warranty: No Packaging: Original box Condition: Great Location: Jhb Reason: My ex laptop was replaced Shipping: Yes Collection: Yes Price: 2000 Link...
  17. J

    [Sale] I am selling my gaming PC

    Items: Intel 4770 3.4Ghz CPU Age: 3 Months Warranty: 2 to 3 year Packaging: Unboxed / Built Condition: Brand New Location: Pretoria Reason: Not using Collection: Yes Items: GIGABYTE FORCE K3 GAMING KEYBOARD Age: 3 Months Warranty: 2 to 3 year Packaging: Unboxed / Built Condition: Brand New...
  18. Gh0zt_UnKn0wN

    [Sale] OCZ Agility 4 128 GB SSD - Great Price!

    Item : OCZ Agility 4 128 GB Age : 2 Years Warranty : Should have a remainder of around 1 year (Can't find out how to check remaining warranty, OCZ Website doesn't have that option) Condition : Excellent! Location : Northgate, Johannesburg Shipping : Hmm... Sure (At your expense) Collection ...
  19. S

    [Wanted] Cheap SSD

    Item: A Decent SSD 60g-128g Age: any Warranty: Doesn't matter would be nice Packaging: any Condition: Good Location: PE Shipping: Yes Collection: Yes Price: R200-R500 Want to use it for BF4
  20. Firestar

    [Sale] GPU for sale - test - move along, nothing to see here

    This is a test. If you ***** about me not using a template, I'll ban you for a couple of days. :p