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  1. M

    [Sale] Logitech Harmony 950 remote

    Item: Logitech Harmony 950 remote Age: 8 months Warranty: 4 months left Condition: Excellent condition Packaging: Yes, original Location: Pretoria East or Arcadia (working hours) Shipping: Can be arranged (collection preferred) Price: R2800
  2. M

    [Sale] Logitech Harmony Smart Control (Hub + Remote)

    Item: Logitech Harmony Smart Control (Hub + Remote) Age: 8 months Warranty: Remainder of 1 year warranty with Logitech US Condition: Great Location: Pretoria East or Arcadia (working hours) Shipping: Can be arranged (collection preferred) Price: R1500
  3. Jasonm

    [Sale] Giada F200 Mini PC & Logitech K400 Plus Wireless keyboard & touchpad combo

    Item: Giada F200 BB200H mini PC with Windows 10 enterprise installed and a 30gb internal hard drive. Does not include HDMI cable. Logitech K400 Plus Wireless keyboard and touchpad combo with unifying USB adapter Age: Less than a year and barely used Price: R2500 negotiable Warranty: Not...
  4. M

    [Sale] 2 streaming mics and HD cameras

    Item: Focusrite Scarlet solo Age: 3 months Price: R1250 Warranty: should still have Packaging: original Condition: 3 months old like new Location: Sunninghill Reason: not streaming Shipping: COD Collection: prefered Link: Item: Samson C01 Mic, with boom stand, pop filter and professional mic...
  5. Francthetank

    [Sale/Trade] z5500 Logitech, Oscilloscope, Blu-ray player

    Item: Logitech Z5500 Speakers Age: +/- 5years Packaging: No Condition: Great, little scuff marks on the sub, nothing serious Location: Centurion Reason: Relocation Shipping: Shizz is heavy, you're paying Collection: Yes, prefered :coffee: Price: R3000 Link: Going on these prices, mine is a...
  6. Francthetank

    [Sale/Trade] Raspberry Pi2's, Dig audio, Logitech

    I'm relocating to UK soon, goodies available, there will be a z5500 posted in the near future Item: Raspberry Pi2 (2 available) Age: 2 years Price: R300 Warranty: 1week Packaging: in its box Condition: perfect Location: Centurion Reason: Relocation Shipping: on you Collection: Prefered Link...
  7. R

    [Sale] Logitech C920 HD Pro webcam

    Item: Logitech C920 HD Pro webcam Age: +- One year Warranty: Not sure (was bought at Incredible Connection but no longer have the PoP) Packaging: None (will however wrap it nicely if you want it shipped) Condition: As New Location: Krugersdorp, Johannesburg Shipping: Yes Collection: Yes...