1. R

    [Sale] iPhone Xs, Space Grey, 256 GB, Sealed

    Item: MT9H2AA/A iPhone Xs, Space Grey, 256 GB Age: Brand new, date code on the bottom of the box: 10/2018 Price: R18900 Warranty: Yes, with Apple Packaging: Brand new Condition: Unused and unopened Location: Pretoria East, Lynnwood Reason: Won a competition - I prefer an Android phone Shipping...
  2. MacShack

    [Reseller] Certified Pre-Owned iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Jet Black

    Certified Pre-Owned iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Jet Black Item: iPhone 7 Plus (128GB, Jet Black) Age: 2016 Price: R6,900 Warranty: 3 Month Warranty Packaging: No Condition: Fair Location: Gabba Building, The Campus, Sloane St, Bryanston Reason: Reseller Shipping: Yes Collection: Yes Link...
  3. P

    [Sale] Iphone Xs Max Space Gray 64gb

    Item: Iphone Xs Max Space Gray 64gb Age: New Price: R19000 —> R16500 Warranty: highly not as it is from USA Packaging: All accessories and box Condition: 10/10 Location: Midrand Shipping: No Collection: Yes
  4. P

    [Sale] Iphone XS 64gb gold brand new

    Item: Iphone XS 64gb gold Age: brand new, 2weeks Price: R15 000 Warranty: Yes Packaging: Box, earphones, charger Condition: 10/10 Location: Midrand Reason: Not using it Shipping: No Collection: Yes
  5. P

    [Sale] Iphone 8 64gb space grey

    Item: Iphone 8 64gb space grey Age: 6 months Price: 8000 —> 7000 Warranty: Yes Packaging: Only USB cable Condition: 9/10, battery health 94% Location: Midrand Reason: Not using anymore Shipping: No Collection: Yes
  6. P

    [Sale] Iphone 8 64gb silver good condition

    Item: Iphone 8 64gb Age: 3 months Price: 8000 —> 7500 Warranty: Still valid Packaging: USB cable only Condition: 9/10, battery health 99% Location: Midrand Reason: Not using anymore Shipping: No Collection: Yes
  7. A

    [Sale] iPhone 7 Black 128GB Home button issue

    Item: Apple iPhone 7 Black 128GB Age: 9 months Price: R4,000 Warranty: No idea Packaging: Original, Included: lightning cable, wall adaptor and only the bottom part of the box as i misplaced the top part Condition: Excellent apart from the Home button issue. iPhone always had a tempered glass...
  8. P

    [Sale] Iphone 8 64Gb Space grey for sale

    Item: Iphone 8 64Gb Space grey Age: a little bit more than a yeaar Price: R6500 Warranty: Still on Packaging: I don't have the original box, but comes with charger and a phone case Condition: 8/10 Location: Midrand / Germinston Reason: I bought an Iphone X Shipping: Nope Collection: Yes FYI...
  9. J

    [Sale] iPhone 6S Plus 64GB - Gold

    Item: iPhone 6S Plus 64GB - Gold Age: 2-3 Years Price: 4900 Negotiable Negotiable: Yes Warranty: No Packaging: Yes, all packaging and accessories Condition: Very good. Few nicks and scratches on the corners but overall great. Location: Greenstone Hill Reason: Need the cash Collection: Cash...
  10. S

    [Sale] iPhone 7 32GB matte black

    Hi, I'm selling an iPhone 7 32GB. It's in good condition, apart from a few small blemishes on the paint on the back and the bottom of the phone. It doesn't come with the packaging, but I have the accessories (lightning to headphone jack, lightning cable, headphones). Battery health is at 85%...
  11. Gman007

    [Sale] Iphone 6s Plus Gold 64GB

    Item: Iphone 6s Plus 64GB Age: 3 years Price: R4500 Warranty: none Packaging: Yes with charger and cables and earphones Condition: Excellent no scratches Location: Cresta Mall Reason: Upgrade Shipping: Your own cost Collection: Yes Link: FYI -------- For your and my protection please read...
  12. Joubs

    [Sale] iPhone 6s 64 GB

    Item: iPhone 6s, 64 gb Age: 2.5 - 3 years Price: R3,500 Warranty: N/A Packaging: Yes, includes all original retail packaging Condition: Good for its age Location: Sandton Reason: Upgrade Shipping: On you, but EFT has to clear first Collection: Sure Link: iPhone 6s 32GB - Space Grey FYI --------...
  13. Megan

    [Sale] Iphone 7 Silver 256gb

    Item: Iphone 7 Silver 256gb Age: 3 Years Price: R8000.00 Packaging: In Original Packaging Condition: Used | Perfect Condition Location: Sandton Reason: Upgraded Collection: Collection required FYI -------- For your and my protection please read our guide to safe dealing: Guide for safe...
  14. B

    [Sale] iPhone Xs 64GB - Silver

    Item: iPhone Xs 64 GB - Silver Age: New Price: R20,000 Warranty: "Apple's Limited Warranty for iPhone covers your iPhone for one year. Warranty service for eligible repairs is available at no charge for twelve months from the date of original retail purchase" From Apple site Packaging: Box was...
  15. shavenmotley

    [Sale] iPhone SE 16GB Rose Gold

    Item: iPhone SE 16GB Rose Gold Age: 2 years Price: R2300 Warranty: Nope Packaging: Nein Condition: Beautiful. Slight chip in tempered glass near home button and at the border of the tempered glass and a hairline crack near home button too. All visible in pics. Been in a UAG cover and under...
  16. E

    [Sale] iPhone Xs 256GB

    Item: iPhone Xs 256 GB Age: Brand new Price: R22300 Warranty: Standard warranty Packaging: Original Packaging Condition: Brand new (Still sealed) Location: Johannesburg Reason: Bought an extra one in the USA Shipping: At your cost Collection: Preferred FYI -------- For your and my protection...
  17. Jaysonjay

    [Sale]  iPhone 6 Plus (Read Carefully)

    Item: IPhone 6 Plus 16Gb Age: Not sure Price: R1000 Warranty: Nope Packaging: Box only no charger Condition: Good physical condition for the age but.... Read bellow Location: PE Reason: Newer IPhone Shipping: Yes (I’ll pay if the offer is good enough) Collection: Yes Link: Google Phone has a...
  18. J

    [Sale] iPhone 6s 16GB Space Grey

    Item: iPhone 6s 16GB Space Grey Age: 2 years Price: R3,800 Negotiable: Yes Warranty: No Packaging: Yes Condition: Good Location: Parktown, Johannesburg Reason: Got an Android Shipping: Collect Collection: Any weekday, Parktown or Johannesburg Link: iPhone 6s Tech Specs FYI -------- For your...
  19. P

    [Sale] Iphone 5C, Blue 16 GB

    Item: Iphone 5C - Blue 16 GB (including cover, screen protector, new earphones + charger) Age: 24 months Price: R 2000 Warranty: NO Packaging:YES Condition: NEW Location:pretoria, montana park Reason: upgraded Shipping:Yes Collection: Yes Link: FYI -------- For your and my protection please...
  20. iGGNoRe

    [Sale/Trade] i5 4440 + R7 260x budget gaming PC for cash or iPhone 7 Plus

    Hi everyone! I'm parting with my gaming rig to replace my current phone. I'll take R9 000 cash or an iPhone 7 Plus if you want to trade. Great budget rig for anyone trying to get into the gaming scene, or who doesn't want to spend a lot of money! This package includes everything except a...