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  1. E

    [Sale] GTX 1070 Gaming Rig

    Item: GTX 1070 Gaming PC Age: All parts less than 1 year Price:R20,000 Warranty: remainder of what evetech and wootware offer Packaging: yes, for all components Condition: Excellent Location: Cape Town Reason: Need something portable Shipping: Prefer not to Collection: Yes Link: Case: NZXT S340...

    [Sale] Intel core i7 920 @ 2.67ghz + HSF

    Item: Intel core i7 920 CPU @ 2.67ghz Age: +- 8 years old Price: R600 + shipping cost Warranty: None Packaging: No original box, but will be packaged accordingly Condition: Immaculate Location: Randburg, Gauteng Reason: Need an upgrade. Shipping: R99 through PostNET to PostNET (for the first...
  3. NitroX1992

    [Sale] Intel 7700K + MSI Z270 A-PRO Bargain Combo

    Item: Intel® Core™ i7-7700K Processor (Delidded and Re-sealed using Coollabs Liquid Ultra) Age: 1 year Warranty: NA Packaging: Maybe - Have the box but prefer to leave in the Board Condition: Good Location: Roodepoort/Little Falls Reason: Upgrading Shipping: Yes, you organize and pay...
  4. F

    [Sale] IT ALL NEEDS TO GO!

    Item: Corsair Graphite White 600T Mid Tower Case Age: 3 Years Price: R1000 Warranty: None Packaging: None Condition: Dusty - Front Panel is Slightly Edgy. Location: JHB Reason: Ryzen Render Farm Shipping: Yes you. Collection: Prefer. Link: Corsair Graphite 600T (CC600TWM-WHT), Midi Tower...
  5. C

    [Sale] DX790TO Extreme Series

    Item: DX790TO Extreme Series Age: Unknown Warranty: None Packaging: Yes Condition: Excellent never used Location: Pretoria/Centurion Reason: No use for it Shipping: No Collection: Yes Price: R2000 neg Link: Intel® Desktop Board DX79TO Product Specifications
  6. GrantieGrant

    [Feeler] i5 Gaming rig

    Hey all, I'm putting a feeler out to see if I get any possible takers on this system I have. All of the components in the system where bough during different times so as far as age is concerned its really hard to say. So lets just go with the oldest part which is probably the motherboard is...
  7. DynamiteTechDeals

    [Sale] Intel Core i7 CPU

    Item: Intel Core i7 4790 @ 3.6GHz, 4 cores, 8 logical processors Age: Unknown Price: 2000 Warranty: Doubt it Packaging: Antistatic bag in bubble wrap in a box. Condition: Excellent Location...
  8. TheVeteran

    [Sale] Corsair H80i Aio cpu liquid cooler

    Item: Corsair H80i cpu cooler Age: Unknown. I’ve owned it for a month Warranty: None Packaging: Generic box Condition: 100% working condition,comes with intel mounting only. Not AMD compatible. Location: Polokwane Reason: Z370,change of mind Shipping: Yes. Cost and risk on you. Collection: Yes...