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full system

  1. David_Greenland

    [Sale] i5 6600K, 16GB DDR4 RAM, GTX 1080 Full system with peripherals for sale

    Item:Custom Built i56600K, with GTX 1080, 250GB Samsung Evo 850, and 1 TB HHD, all peripherals included (Full set of specs at the bottom) Age: 1 year Price: R25 000 Warranty: None Packaging: Packaging is included for some parts, the mobo, GPU, headset, and mouse Condition: Brilliant Location...
  2. M

    [Sale/Trade] Full PC Build (Components sold seperately on Request)

    Hi guys, I am selling my entire PC - all components are in excellent condition, and I have re-installed Windows 10. I am selling all the components listed below, as well as the keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals not listed for a total price of R5000 - although, I am willing to negotiate on...
  3. BlackViper4

    [Feeler] 4th gen gaming PC

    Item: full gaming PC Age: A few years Price: R8000 or make me a offer Warranty: nope Packaging: I think I still have the box the case came in Condition: Good, everything works Location: Parow, Western Cape Reason: Not really using it anymore Shipping: Not keen on shipping it but cost risk on you...
  4. Sleepwalking

    [Sale] X79 Full PC (No splitting)

    Selling my PC as i haven’t had the time to use it anymore. Selling this as a full system, no splitting. CPU: intel 3820 CPU cooler: hyper 212x Mobo: X79 Rampage iv gene Ram: 8gb Corsair vengeance GPU: sapphire 280x toxic (1 out of 3 fans only starts after 80% load) Case: Cooler master k280...
  5. I

    [Sale] Selling my old PC

    LOCATED IN OLIVEDALE IN RANDBURG,JOHANNESBURG Hey all, i'm selling my old gaming PC, Recently it started rebooting by its self and is stuck in a perpetual boot loop. I do not know what the problem is and probably do not have the money to fix it. So, i figured i might as well just sell it. As...
  6. E

    [Sale] GTX 1070 Gaming Rig

    Item: GTX 1070 Gaming PC Age: All parts less than 1 year Price:R20,000 Warranty: remainder of what evetech and wootware offer Packaging: yes, for all components Condition: Excellent Location: Cape Town Reason: Need something portable Shipping: Prefer not to Collection: Yes Link: Case: NZXT S340...
  7. Veitchels

    [Sale] i 7 3.5ghz, 980Gtx + Screen 23"

    Items: -23 inch Dell Screen -i7 3770 3.5GHZ -16GB ram -NVidea EVGA GTX 980 4GB -Cooler Master Case -MSI Z77A - G 43 -Hunt Key 500W power supply -Seagate 250gb SSD -SeagAte 2 TB HHD Age: Varies but on average the components 4 years Packaging: Only have the Graphics card box left Condition: used...
  8. 123fragster

    [Sale] AMD Phenom II X6 1055T, ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3, Corsair VengeancePro 8GB DDR3-2133

    CPU Item: AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 2.8GHz Hexa Core (HDT55TFBK6DGR) Processor AM3 938 Age: Old Warranty: None Packaging: Original packaging with original cooler (unused) Condition: Excellent Location: Lichtenburg Reason: Old rig Shipping: Buyers responsibility Price: R500 Link: PassMark - AMD...