1. virus786

    [Sale]  PC Case - NZXT H500i - White

    Item: NZXT H500i - White Age: <1 month Price: R1100 Warranty: NA (don't think competition winnings have warranty) Packaging: Yes Condition: Like new (Still has the window plastic and warning stickers on) Location: Cape Town Reason: Not needed Shipping: IF YOU REALLY WANT TO - Yes. Strictly...
  2. BladeV2

    [Sale]  Corsair Carbide 400c

    Item: Black Corsair Carbide 400c Age: 3 years Price: 700 Warranty: Not sure Packaging: Yes Condition: Fantastic Location: Pretoria East Reason: Immigrating Shipping: On you Collection: Yes Link: Carbide Series™ Clear 400C Compact Mid-Tower Case
  3. Nara

    [Sale]  Sparkfox Case for Nintendo Switch

    Item: Sparkfox Nintendo Switch Case without the screen protector Age: New Price: R150 Warranty: No Packaging: Yes Condition: Mint, only applied the screen protector and have no need for case. Location: Cape Town, Southern Suburbs Reason: Not needed Shipping: Your cost/risk Collection: Yes Link...
  4. S

    [Sale]  i5 4670K Combo (Case, Mobo, Ram, CPU)

    Items: i5-4670K Phanteks PH-TC12DX_BK CPU Cooler MSI Z87-G45 G.Skill F3-2400 (2x8GB) Phanteks P400S Tempered Glass Edition Phanteks Red/Black Universal Extension Cable Kit Age: Cooler: (2018) Case and Cables: (2017) CPU, RAM, Mobo: (2014) Price: R6500.00 Warranty: No Packaging: Still got all...
  5. BosMossel86

    [Sale]  NZXT S340 (non Elite)

    I have the following case for sale. Item : NZXT S340 Age : 2 years I think Price : R400 Warranty : Nope Packaging : I might just have Condition : Modified, back slots cut to support vertical mount and inside painted silver. Also has a glass front and sided panel. Will remove glass panels and...
  6. B

    [Sale]  Thermaltake Chaser A31 - ATX Chassis

    Item: Thermaltake Chaser A31 Age: About 2 Years Price: R200 Warranty: None Packaging: Original Box Condition: Good Location: Northern Suburbs/Cape Town Reason: Not used and gathering dust (Literally) Shipping: Costs on you Collection: Preferred Link: Thermaltake - Chaser A31 (Similar case)...
  7. M

    [Sale]  Coolermaster Cosmos S case with fan and temp controller

    Item: COOLERMASTER Cosmos S PC case with fan controller but not Blu-ray drive, no PSU. Age: +- 10 Year Price: R650 Warranty: nope Packaging: nope Condition: Good to excellent (fans bit dusty etc) Location: Kempton Park Reason: New Case Shipping: Prefer not weighs a ton Collection: Yes, please
  8. l-Mellow-l

    [Sale]  Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 High Airflow ATX Cube Gaming Case

    Item: Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 High Airflow ATX Cube Gaming Case (Black) Age: Around 2 years Price: R1200 Warranty: No Packaging: No Condition: Minor scratches and don't have HDD trays but overall good Location: Phalaborwa Reason: Selling for a friend who emigrated Shipping: On you...
  9. rinners

    [Sale]  ITX - Phanteks Evolv Shift X

    Item: Phanteks Evolv Shift X Age: Not sure Price: R1300 Warranty: Not sure Packaging: Original Condition: Excellent Location: Randburg Reason: Got in bundle Shipping: On buyer Collection: Sure FYI -------- For your and my protection please read our guide to safe dealing: Guide for safe dealing...
  10. UnBreakable_D

    [Wanted]  In Win A1 mini ITX case

    Item Wanted:In Win A1 mini ITX case Packaging Essential:nope condition: should be as good as new. Desired Age:dont care Location:pretoria Willing to accept a shipped item:possibly Ballpark/Budget Amount:R1700 ish link: InWin A1 Plus FYI -------- For your and my protection please read our...
  11. F

    [Sale]  i7 3770, H1200 Kuhler Pro CPU Cooler, MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X 8GB Bundle System

    Hi everyone I am selling my entire PC, as we are planning to immigrate and I can't take my PC with me :(. I would like to sell it as an entire system, but would be willing to split if I can sell the mobo+cpu+ram (see split below): 1. CPU + Motherboard + RAM + CPU cooler 2. Entire system Item...
  12. alcatraz5953

    [Wanted]  Case Wanted - R1000

    Item Wanted: Case Packaging Essential: Would be nice, but not a deal breaker Desired Age: Doesn't matter but needs to be in good condition Location: Cape Town, Northern Suburbs Willing to accept a shipped item: Include in price Ballpark/Budget Amount: R1000 So I've decided its time for a new...
  13. S

    [Wanted]  Need gaming case asap

    Hi guys. I need a sheepish case asap. So anyone around Durbs please let me know Item Wanted: gaming case Packaging Essential: nope Desired Age: not too old Location: Hillcrest kzn Willing to accept a shipped item: nope need it urgently Ballpark/Budget Amount: 600 FYI -------- For your and my...
  14. Steven Jay

    [Sale/Trade]  Case, Power Supply, Mobo and SSD

    Item: Case - NZXT Phantom H240 – Black Power supply - RAIDMAX Cobra RX-700AC-B 700w Motherboard - ASUS TUF B360-PLUS GAMING SSD - ADATA Ultimate SU650 ASU650SS-120GT-C - 120GB, 2.5" Everything brand new, never been used, but already fitted in case except SSD. Age: Ranging from 3 - 1 months...
  15. Miex13

    [Sale]  Samsung S8 and S8+ clear covers

    Item: 2 Samsung original S8 clear covers. 1 S8+ clear cover Age: about a year Price: R150 R100 each Warranty: Don't think so Packaging: S8 covers in original box. S8+ no box, but still has a protective film on. Condition: Perfect Location: Menlyn, Pretoria Reason: Upgraded Shipping: Risk and...
  16. S

    [Sale/Trade]  ZALMAN T1 U3 MINI TOWER - R300

    Nice mini case, perfect for a media pc. Item: ZALMAN T1 U3 MINI TOWER Age: 4 years Price: R300 Warranty: No Packaging: Have the bag of screws, etc. that came with the case. Condition: Good Location: Bruma, Johannesburg Reason: Needed something bigger to fit my cpu cooler. Shipping: Only if...
  17. S

    [Sale]  Corsair Carbide 400C Black

    Item: Corsair Carbide 400C Age: 4 months Price: R 1000 Warranty: Case Packaging: Box Condition: Mint (Plastic film still on panel) Location: Pretoria Reason: Sold components to a mate Shipping: Buyers account Collection: Yes, welcome. Send me a message and I'll send you my number to arrange...
  18. Anthony Amos

    [Sale]  Case Fans

    Item: Case Fans Age: 2 x Corsair (Age about 1 week never used) 2 x Aero cool fans (Around about 1 year) Price: R50 each or make a offer Warranty: Nope Packaging: Nope Condition: 2 corsair fans never used and the 2 Aero cool fans are slightly dusty Location: Elarduspark, Pretoria Reason: Dont...
  19. pXius

    [Sale]  Limited Edition NZXT Hyperbeast S340 with Cooling, Custom Cables, Hue+ and more.

    Item: NZXT Hyperbeast S340 Kraken X62 Hue+ Controllers Hue LEDS Custom Cables Hue Fans Age: Year and a half give or take Price: PRICE DROP - R2499 for everything. Warranty: Nope Packaging: Original Case box, X62 box will have the rest. Condition: Excellent Location: Boskruin,/Randburg - Close...
  20. necris

    [PIF]  Corsair 600t Project case

    For the item I received from @Nemo415 Thread URL: [PIF] - Electric Massage machine, Ethernet Crossover cables, RJ-11 cable, ancient telephone jack | Pay It Forward Item: Corsair 600t Age: Unknown Warranty: None packaging:Doubt it, but could source a box if needed Condition: Rough, has been...