1. EdwardAdriaan

    [Sale] Partially full system, great for office use

    Item: Partial system: CPU - Intel i3-4160 LGA 1150 Motherboard - Biostar: Hi-Fi B85s3+ (no Ethernet) RAM - 4GB Kingston DDR3 Case - Zalman T4 Micro-ATX USB 3.0 (Black) DVD drive - LG DVD drive Network card - Generic LAN card Age: About 4 years Price: R2200 (negotiable) Warranty: none...
  2. EdwardAdriaan

    [Sale/Trade] Xigmatek Elysium Computer Case (Super Case) (SALE or TRADE)

    Item: Xigmatek Elysium Computer Case Age: About 3 years Price: R1500 (negotiable) or trade with AIO Cooler Warranty: none Packaging: Custom box and packaging Condition: Very good Location: South Africa, Northern-Cape, Douglas, 8730 Reason: Don't use it anymore Shipping: Yes, on buyer Collection...
  3. Metalslugga

    [Sale] Thermaltake - View 27

    I am selling my view 27 to upgrade Item: Thermaltake View 27 Case Age: Roughly a year old Price: i'm hoping for about R800 due to its age Warranty: should be under warranty, ill look for its paperwork Packaging:i still have the box Condition: good condition, it has plexi covers so it does have...
  4. fanniepro

    [Sale] Obsidian Series™ 450D Mid-Tower PC Case

    Item: Obsidian Series™ 450D Mid-Tower PC Case Age: About 5 Years Price: R800 Neg Warranty: Not Available Packaging: I do not have the original box, I can wrap it with something Condition: few scratches and the front mesh filter does not lock Location: Kempton Park / Norwood by day Reason...
  5. morneode

    [Sale] 2x Nvidia 1060 3GB + Intel i7 + 32GB RAM + MSI GD65 z87 motherboard + Corsair Case (complete Workstation Desktop Machines suitable for design work)

    I will only be doing F2F deals (no shipping). Item: 2x Workstation Desktops (Nvidia 1060 3GB + Intel i7 + 32GB RAM + MSI GD65 z87 motherboard + Corsair Case) Age: unknown Price: R11000 each (negotiable) Warranty: N/A Packaging: No Condition: Good (in working condition) Location: North Riding or...
  6. SavageSloth

    [Sale] Antec GX300 + DVD Writer

    Item: Antec GX300 Case + DVD Writer Age: 3 Years Price: R500 Warranty: None Packaging: None Condition: Very Good Location: Capetown Reason: Upgraded Shipping: No, unless you send a courier. Collection: Yes Link:
  7. Panda 🐼

    [Sale] NZXT S340 (Black-Red)

    Item: NZXT S340 (Red Black version) Age: 2 years - Never used. Just stood in the box. Price: R800 Warranty: None Packaging: Original Box Condition: Immaculate Location: Cape Town Reason: Intended to build a PC, just never got around to. Shipping: Yep. On you and your risk. Collection: Gladly...
  8. O

    Next case

    I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions for a decent ATX case. I like the cosmos C700p but that would break the bank a bit too much. I was looking at the NZXT H440 or H500i. I do have a rx 480 and am getting a 240mm cooler so i cant go that small.
  9. Bataleon

    [Give Away] OnePlus 5T Silicone Cases (Brand New)

    Items: Two OnePlus 5T smooth and matt silicone cases Age: Brand new Price: Free Warranty: Nope Packaging: Full Location: Garden Route Reason: No longer have 5T Shipping: Yes, cost on you. Collection: Preferable Smooth is on the left, matt is on the right. They are both slightly softer than...
  10. ghost1711

    [Sale] Raidmax Sagitta

    Item: Raidmax Sagitta ATX box Age: Around 10 years. Original owner Price: 250 Warranty: nope Packaging: will find a nice big box for it Condition: good. Few scratches and dings, nothing major. Inside was painted blue to match colour scheme. All led's still work aswell Location: carletonville...
  11. D

    [Sale] Corsair Obsidian 250D

    Item: Corsair Obsidian 250D Age: 2-3years Price: R450 Warranty: Finished Packaging: Original box. Condition: Good, only a few scratches on the window. has all the brackets and filters. Location: Cape Town Reason: Got a Phanteks case. Shipping: Sure, willing to postnet for extra R99. Collection...
  12. medicnick83

    [Wanted] Gigabyte iSolo 210

    Item Wanted: Gigabyte iSolo 210 case Packaging Essential: No, not necessary Desired Age: So long it's in good looked after condition, everything works (front USB's etc) Location: Cape Town Willing to accept a shipped item: I could be Ballpark/Budget Amount: R300'ish
  13. henkprinsloo189

    [Sale] Corsair Carbide 275R Black Case for sale

    Corsair Carbide 275R Black Case Item: Corsair CX650M Semi Modular PSU Age: 4 Months Price: R 750 not neg. Warranty: Remaining 3 year Warranty Packaging: Yes Condition: Like New Location: Amanzimtoti Reason: Need Cash Shipping: No, but we can meet halfway Collection: Yes PC as a whole is also...
  14. C

    [Sale] NZXT H440 White Quiet Computer Case

    Item: NZXT H440 White Quiet Computer Case + NZXT Grid+ V2 Fan Controller Age: 2 years Price: R1750 R1300 Warranty: None left Packaging: All Original Parts included - Fans, Harddrive Trays, Cables, Extra Screws and Backplates, not original box Condition: Excellent Location: Cape Town Reason...
  15. DrTerrer

    [Sale] Graphite Series 600T Mid-Tower Case

    Hi Guys, I'm selling this case, its a bit dusty but in a very good condition. i'll include the mesh side panel and any ekstras still i have. Item: Graphite Series™ 600T Mid-Tower Case - Black (i have both side panels mesh and acrylic) Age: +-4 Price: R900 Warranty: None Packaging: Not for case...
  16. bmorrison

    [Wanted] Tempered Glass Mid Tower

    Item Wanted: Looking for a Tempered Glass Mid Tower. Would be great if this has fans. Packaging Essential:If item is shipped, Yes Desired Age: New or Partially used. Location: East Rand Willing to accept a shipped item: Prefer local but if the deal is good will accept shipped item...
  17. CoolRunnings

    [Sale/Trade] Coolermaster CM590 III Case for sale

    Coolermaster cm 590 iii case for sale!!! PM for more details and photos!!! WhatsApp or Call : 081 493 3487 Item:Coolermaster CM590 Case Age:1 year Price: R600 Warranty: No Packaging: Original Condition: Great Location: Kempton Park Reason: upgrading :) Shipping: Preferably no Collection: yes...
  18. imminentZen

    [Sale] Gigabyte (Simplistic) ATX PC Chassis

    Item: Gigabyte (Simplistic) ATX PC Chassis - Black - NO PSU Age: 4 or 5 years Price: 200 Warranty: none Packaging: none Condition: fair to good - a little dusty, some typical case scuffing, but otherwise great. (The case is complete, pictured as open on the side to show interior) Location...
  19. vorman

    [Wanted] Cheap Case, PSU and HDD

    Item Wanted: Basic ATX Case and 350W PSU Packaging Essential: No Desired Age: - Location: Bellville/Paarl Willing to accept a shipped item: No Ballpark/Budget Amount: Cheapest as can be Looking for basic items, nothing fancy. FYI -------- For your and my protection please read our guide to...
  20. ComicExponent

    [Sale] Complete I7 PC Case for sale

    Items: Teratron T7 Black and Red - Small dent in side cover. 600 Watt Antec psu MSI Z270 Gaming M5 Asus GTX 950 MSI Core Frozr L cpu cooler I7 7700K LGA 1151 Samsung 960 Evo M.2 - 250GB Ballistix 16Gb DDR 4 2400Mhz RAM Age: +- 1 Year / Mobo is +- 2 months in use / GPU +- 3 Years Price: R 17...