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  1. R

    [Sale] ASUS GeForce GTX1080 Ti ROG STRIX GAMING

    Item: ROG-STRIX-GTX1080TI-11G-GAMING Age: New, RMA replacement Price: R14500 Warranty: 35 months Packaging: Original Condition: New Location: Midrand Reason: Feeler Shipping: Nope Collection: Yes Link: ROG-STRIX-GTX1080TI-11G-GAMING | Graphics Cards | ASUS South Africa
  2. R

    [Sale] Complete High-end GTX 1080Ti Gaming Setup

    Hi guys, I'm selling the following complete gaming setup: Items broken down to individual parts: ASUS ROG Strix GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti OC edition - link: ROG-STRIX-GTX1080TI-O11G-GAMING | Graphics Cards | ASUS Global Ryzen 1800X CPU - link: AMD RYZEN 7 1800X Processor - Free Shipping - South...
  3. ho3RVo3r

    [Sale] ASUS 1080TI FE Must go Quick, I need a Hall Of Fame Card

    Ive got a ASUS 1080TI FE that doesnt want to play nicely with my QNIX Monitor. Item: ASUS 1080TI FE Age: <1yr Warranty: remainder of 3yrs With Amazon UK Packaging: Full Condition: Perfect Location: Cape Town Northern Suburbs Reason: This FE 1080Ti doesnt work with my QNIX monitor Shipping: YES...
  4. gmathews

    [Wanted] 1080TI Needed (ASUS, EVGA, MSI, AORUS)

    Item: 1080TI Needed (ASUS, EVGA, MSI, AORUS) Age: Newer the better, not used for mining, POP with warranty preferred. Warranty: Newer the better, not used for mining, POP with warranty preferred. Packaging: Original Packaging to be available. Condition: Let's see. Location: Rustenburg - Can go...
  5. Suberman

    [Sale] [SOLD]MSI 1080ti Armor (x2)

    Item: MSI GTX1080Ti Armor (x2) Age: 7 Months Warranty: Yes remainder of 3 years Packaging: Yes, original packaging Condition: Excellent Location: Somerset West Reason: New business ventures (need $$$). Shipping: On you Collection: Preferred Price: R13K each Used for gaming and tried a bit of...
  6. TakeOff

    [Sale] EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC Black Edition GAMING

    Item: EVGA GTX 1080ti black Edition Age: 2 Months Warranty: 3 Years Packaging: Yes Condition: Great Location: Fourways (Johannesburg) Shipping: No ( Prefer meeting in Person) Testing: Yes/Allowed Collection: Yes. Price: R11,500 Link: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC Black Edition GAMING - Rebel...