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    [Sale]  The Crew 2 PC

    Item:The Crew 2 PC Age:Brand new Price:R600 Warranty:its a game Packaging:Email Condition:New Location:Centurion Reason:Wont be playing this and got it with a new GPU Shipping:Email Collection:Not needed to be honest Link: The Crew 2 on PS4, Xbox One, PC | Ubisoft (US) Game on Pre order...
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    Looking for Black op 3 Files Centurion/pretoria

    AS the title says Any one in the area that has Black ops 3. Just got gifted the game and would not want to download 60GB
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    Interest - Rare(ish) Steelbooks

    Hi there. I wanted to put a feeler up regarding this but thought this would be the most appropriate way to see if there is any interest. I have a pretty descent Steelbook collection and my other games on top of that. After we moved my Study is a bit smaller than what I had and I simply do not...
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    GuildWars 2 HOT EXpansion - New players

    So this is technically a form of advertising and i hope the mods let it slide. With the eye on the 23 October release date and with the game recently going free to play some new players are joining in. I am part of a guild on a Europe server ( Auroraglade but that doesn't REALLY matter any...
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    [Sale]  Intel 3rd Gen I5 3570 (1155 )

    Item: Intel Core i5 3570 + stock HSF Age: 3 years Warranty: no Packaging: bubble wrap. Condition: Good Location: Centurion Reason: Trying to fund new chipset. Shipping: will be able to organize courier at buyers cost and risk / or buyer organizes at his own cost and risk Collection...
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    [Sale]  MGS V : Phantom Pain - Steam Key

    Item: 2 x Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Code ( Nvidia Promo ) Reason: Got it with 2 new cards and not a fan of MGS (IF i wanted to hide under boxes id have been a hobo ) Shipping: Email Price: R400 * 1 is potentially on hold for a member of Carb that Asked in another thread. But if i...
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    sealed Model tanks, Aircraft , TBH anything military related - Possible sale

    Hi there. MY Stepdad has a Huge collection of these Military models and it has got to the point where there is simply not space for them. He being stuck in the stone age asked me for some help in this matter and I have no clue where to even start to advertise these things, I first need to make...
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    [Sale]  Razer Tiamat 7.1 headset

    Item:Razer Tiamat 7.1 Age:1 day Warranty:Full Packaging:Still sealed in box Condition:Brand new Location:Centurion Reason:Not going to use it Shipping:At buyers risk and expense Collection: Deffies Price:R1500 ( about R400 cheaper than retail ) - Razer Tiamat 7.1...
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    [Sale]  X58 I7 bundle / 580 GTX / Router/ Game pads/ RAT 9

    Friends rig im putting up for him. Can vouch i will take the knock for any bad deal and i will also handle all the deals myself so you wont be scammed. Components are mine and can do photos on request for any item . Item:I7 920 D0 stepping Age: 2years Warranty: should be none Packaging:None...
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    [Sale]  A couple of components. and peripherals.

    Hierso is PC Specs en thanks btw J MSI – GX740 Item:MSI - GX740 gaming laptop Age:2 years Warranty: july 2012 Packaging: YES Condition: Excellent Location: PTa Reason:Not needed Shipping:at buyers risk and expense Collection: Yes Price: R6000 Link:MSI Europe ...
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    [Wanted]  PS3 - Guitar Hero receiver

    I am looking for a Guitar hero Ps 3 receiver. MY friend claims I broke his on the weekend by stepping on it when I helped him mount his TV ( Good friend hey ) Any how I need to replace it and cant find it any where in the country for sale ?
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    Logitech G700 Gaming Mouse at 50% off

    Topic kinda says it all . G700 being sold below cost for R579.95 and normally trades retail around the R1000 mark . That price includes delivery LINK Super deal and very good quality mouse :D best is you can buy it at this price and prolly resell it for R 700 after a month :D
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    [Sale]  2 x Mach Xtreme Technology MXSSD2MST-64GB Starter 64GB SSD

    Item: 2 x Mach Xtreme Technology MXSSD2MST-64GB Starter 64GB SSD Age: brand new Warranty: full with Ikonic IT Packaging: original still sealed. Condition: perfect Location: pta/JHB Reason: Not needed Shipping: yes - at buyers expense and risk Collection:yes Price:R500 each Link:Mach Xtreme...
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    [Feeler]  x58 rig that might go for sale

    MY room mate wants to sell his rig to upgrade to bulldozer. Item:I7 920 D0 Age:18 months Warranty:should still be 6 months Packaging:Original box Condition: stil good Location:Centurion Reason:wants AMD Shipping:At buyers expense Collection:Yes Price:Bundled Link: I7 920 Item:Rampage 3...
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    [Sale]  2 x ATI 5770HD Graphics cards.

    Item:2 x ATI 5770 HD Graphics cards. Age:18Months Warranty:Should be 6 months left Packaging:im 99% sure ive got the original boxes still Condition:Very good. I look after my parts. see bottom notes Location:Centurion/Sandton Reason:GF is buying me a Gtx570 for my Bday 3 Nov Shipping:At buyers...
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    [Sale]  Alienware Tact X Headset and keybaord

    Item:Alienwar TactX headset Age:Brand spanking new Warranty:Full from supplier Packaging:Perfect Condition:NEW Location:Gauteng Reason:Helping clan mate upgrade his pc . need Funds Shipping:At buyers expenses Collection:yes during day in Sandton or in Centurion at night Price:R500 Link...