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    [Sale] The Crew 2 PC

    Price drop R500
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    [Sale]  The Crew 2 PC

    Item:The Crew 2 PC Age:Brand new Price:R600 Warranty:its a game Packaging:Email Condition:New Location:Centurion Reason:Wont be playing this and got it with a new GPU Shipping:Email Collection:Not needed to be honest Link: The Crew 2 on PS4, Xbox One, PC | Ubisoft (US) Game on Pre order...
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    Centurion - Game Arena [Unofficially] Open!

    I live right next to this shopping mall? How did i not know of this? Ahhh you are at the back since the dop shop moved i dont go to that side haha. I will try and come say halo at least !
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    LAN Cable problems

    Hi quick question . Is this a msi gaming 3 board? Or the gigabyte one. If its the MSi one its that shitty Killer network card i struggled for 3 hours to get mine to work after i changed network cabled. identifies then says cable unplugged. You had to do 2 things. One was update bios to...
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    Samsung monitor permanently displays the menu

    Those old Samsung flatrons had an option to factory reset under the options part of the monitor. Normally under the horizontal and vertical moving its not always clear that there are more options under the sliders. The other thing springs to mind that it could be the menu button itself being...
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    1440p/60hz or 1080p/120+hz or 4k ?

    Well you answered your own question. You are playing CS:Go as main game atm. IF you play any form of FPS gaming you want a 144hz monitor. The difference is so much that if you play on 144hz you will never ever go back to less. The difference it makes to quality of game play even your aim is...
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    New doc exposing the ugly history of the ANC

    Thank you for the link kind sir. I know this history all to well seeing as i had several high standing gov officials in my family one of which we needed to have a funeral for . It jsut shows you taht attacks like the IS and boko haram will keep happening because the word Terrorism is a...
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    GPU Help: red or Green?

    Our setups are very similar gaming performance wise till you look at GPu I7 4790K 16Gb ram MSi Z97 GD65 MSI R9 380 Asus Vg248QE Mine is 6700K Msi Gaming M7 16GB ram 980 GTX Asus Vq248QE And yes even same chair.
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    Home wireless solution alternatives.

    Telkom LTE launched uncapped ? Surely that will be a good option
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    GPU Help: red or Green?

    I had the exact same debate as you and already ordered teh 960GTX for my fiance when i changed my mind. She has the R9 380 and not looking back. She mainly plays rpg and mmo games and the games look and feel better on her rig than my 980GTX on my side. I have recommended the R9 380 to 2 friends...
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    Graphics Card Choice?? MSI or Gigabyte

    At the price you are about to pay id go for the MSi R9 380 4gb .. You will get more performance for the same price if you shop around. I had already ordered my fiances 960 GTX when i saw the difference and changed it when i went to collect at evetech. And personally think her card runs games...
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    Help/Advice NEEDED PLS : Best Places Buy House/Apartment/Townhouse in PRETORIA/JHB

    Well its a tough choice. We dont know how much you will be earning and if you have folks that will help you out getting set up in a new place. starting up new is very expensive You need to mvoe out at some point. Lots of places around menlyn to rent ( around fairy glenn / equestria side )...
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    [Sale] Pokémon Tazo Collection

    Holy fck balls. I have all 3 series complete except ONe tazo that got lost when i moved. Im going home today looking where i stashed it and will see what im missing and will take them from you 100%.
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    Before i get banned

    Look i just want to add that out of experience if a drive fail specifically those that come out of 3.5 and 2.5 inch HDD enclosures. They give you the option to format after a while and drive is dead. You can then format it time and time again and manage to copy a small file to it. As soon as...
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    My new 970

    Make sure your Tv i set to the right input? This i more often than not the error? s if you are on HDMI now make sure you et TV input to hdmi.
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    Braai Rules

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    Looking for Black op 3 Files Centurion/pretoria

    AS the title says Any one in the area that has Black ops 3. Just got gifted the game and would not want to download 60GB
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    Condensor Mic for PC

    You can save funds by simply wearing your headset around your neck and setting the mic settings in ts and ingame to your headset mic but your speakers as the main sound input. Saves you money .
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    180 - 200k Car suggestions

    This is exactly what my fiance is paying for her Cruze per month. She does have a 15% balloon I think but went wit ha zero deposit. I really urge you to go try and drive a cruse. It is a HUGE car. And buying new you miss out on all those problems some one else caused in a car.
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    180 - 200k Car suggestions

    My fiance just bought herself a Chevrolet cruze that is just just over your budget. is a big car ( also hatch ) and it a really really epic car to drive around. Its slightly thirsty but its not a performance car but sure is a car you can drive for the next couple of years. before that we...