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  1. JollyJamma

    Mechanical keyboard lube

    Psycho, are you saying that it’s a bad idea to desolder a keyboard?
  2. JollyJamma

    Mechanical keyboard lube

    Willing to desolder them. My next keyboard will be hot-swappable.
  3. JollyJamma

    Mechanical keyboard lube

    Hi all I am in need of a lube kit for my 2 keyboards. A Logitech tactile that has become very scratchy of late and a Ducky One2 shine with MX reds. I need a starter kit with switch opener and brush, lube and so on. I need suggestions, please. I’m in the UK and I’ve got some options. This...
  4. JollyJamma

    Marauders looks cool

    It’s not out but it’s a pvp space game where you invade a spaceship and steal resources Looks very manual and grungy
  5. JollyJamma

    Will the 12600k be worth it.

    That'll be a big upgrade for you. 12th gen is much faster, plus you have far more cores. Suggest the 12600KF for your needs with the MSI Z690-a Pro (if it's reasonably priced in ZA). You don't need DDR5, just carry over your DDR4. Had a quick look, the Z690-a Pro is way too expensive in ZA...
  6. JollyJamma

    Fibre router smoking the good stuff or am I an idiot

    Hi all. It's probably the latter but hey, here I am. So I got a new Virgin router for our fibre line upgrade (1gig line from 600 meg/s) and I set the wifi to only use wireless AC on the 5ghz spectrum and wireless N on the 2.4ghz spectrum. The result is that it's a slower internet connection...
  7. JollyJamma

    Announcement Price discussion / Negative Interference getting out of hand

    Should people who do discuss pricing / interfere be tagged in this thread with the threat of a ban be clearly stated? They should read the rules but sometimes a direct message is required.
  8. JollyJamma

    Is anyone still playing PUBG

    As That Guy said, I'm using hacks by living in the UK. I joined a random squad the other night and they were speaking Afrikaans. I'll be honest, it took me a min to get the Afrikaans language centre of my brain to boot up.
  9. JollyJamma

    For R6k which GPU

    I would definitely do a 750 watt PSU minimum. The spike in demand can cause your PSU overcurrent protection to shut it down. I'm being a very large idiot and running a 3080 off a 650 watt Corsair TX PSU. I have a SF750 watt PSU which I need to install. Edit: I looked at a review, the 2080 is...
  10. JollyJamma

    Is anyone still playing PUBG

    What are your pings? I get 38 ms to France and when I had a decent wifi adapter, it dropped to 30 or so. I am literally drilling a hole in the wall outside to run CAT6 cable to and from the router to reduce latency. Hopefully, it gets closer to 20ms. I really do enjoy PUBG but I can't play...
  11. JollyJamma

    Is anyone still playing PUBG

    Or is it just me? I know its a poorly optimised game that I would describe playing as stressful but I still love it and i've been playing it for the past few months. Gave up on Battlefield 2042 as it's a steaming pile of shite. PUBG might be frustrating but it's fun.
  12. JollyJamma

    Support Banned

    Wow that's some choosy beggar shit. Do you a favour and disrespect them like that? Good luck with life with that asshat attitude.
  13. JollyJamma

    2006 Citroen C2 1.4 HDI (Fuel Economy)
  14. JollyJamma

    2006 Citroen C2 1.4 HDI (Fuel Economy)
  15. JollyJamma

    2006 Citroen C2 1.4 HDI (Fuel Economy)

    Also keep in mind that diesels lose efficiency and power over time because of the heavy particles that they give off and line the cylinders, exhaust etc.. Certainly, a 2006 diesel engine will be far from it's peak torque figure when it was new. Also, google major issues for that exact car. You...
  16. JollyJamma

    2006 Citroen C2 1.4 HDI (Fuel Economy)

    I'd be surprised if it was heavy on fuel - just be aware that diesel parts are very expensive and it could need new injectors etc. Have it sent to your mechanic for a once over before you purchase. It could save you a fortune in the long run.
  17. JollyJamma

    NVIDIA RTX Lovelace hype thread

    Seems fair. Standard performance up lift is the average performance difference between each gen of card going back 7 or so years. It’ll be closer to 15% rather than 100%.
  18. JollyJamma

    NVIDIA RTX Lovelace hype thread

    You and a ton of other people are misreading the total power draw as actual performance. Look at how the 3090 ti increased power draw over the 3090 for how much performance increase? That last few performance points are the hardest to get. It's probably going to be a standard performance...
  19. JollyJamma

    USB Sound card recommendations

    I got the Zen DAC v2 recently and its amazing. Like 10/10. I got mine second hand with the power adapter and Im listening to music right now thinking "this is amazing but my ears really hurt. I should probably turn it down". The Zen DAC adds a vibrancy to your headphones that gives them a...
  20. JollyJamma

    i7 12700K vs R9 5900X

    It wasn’t that clear (I reread the posts) but it makes sense if you can afford it. Especially for a business/productivity build, DDR5 can be justified. For fun and just gaming, DDR4 still works fine.
  21. JollyJamma

    i7 12700K vs R9 5900X

    Can you afford a DDR5 build? I know it’s expensive and poor value but I’m asking because it’s the future.
  22. JollyJamma

    HeaDphone Discussions. (Audiophile and Gaming)

    You know it’s an expensive headset when there’s a purchasing process. I showed it to my GF and she said “that doesn’t make your Stellia purchase ok”
  23. JollyJamma

    HeaDphone Discussions. (Audiophile and Gaming)

    She thinks I’m crazy but she knows that it’s my money. The HE1?
  24. JollyJamma

    HeaDphone Discussions. (Audiophile and Gaming)

    I want to get the Focal Stellia one of these lifetimes. GF thinks I’m nuts but I’m ok with that. I did manage to buy a Ifi Zen DAC V2 Monday and it’s wonderful. Second hand with power adapter for £140.
  25. JollyJamma

    Readeon RX470 4gb Fans replacement wanted

    Zip ties plus a 120mm fan = problem solved. Wait for original fan replacement to come from eBay/Amazon/0jo
  26. JollyJamma

    Intel 12th Gen and Ram

    No, me either. I also got the Q58
  27. JollyJamma

    Intel 12th Gen and Ram

    I really really wanted one of those kits. I got 2 kits of the TeamGroup 3200 cl14-14-14-14 kits but I really wanted the 3600 CL14 version. How and where did you get them from? Cost?
  28. JollyJamma

    Intel 12th Gen and Ram

    Depends on many factors. Best kit I’ve ever owned is a dual channel dual rank 32gig kit of Corsair RBG Pro. Best 16 kit would also have to have the Patriot Viper steel 4400 in the shortlist. That being said, there are a lot of factors.
  29. JollyJamma

    Ryzen 7 Gaming PC

    Yeah then go for that. 5600X is hella fast.
  30. JollyJamma

    Ryzen 7 Gaming PC

    Yes but that’s if his motherboard gets 5000 series support.
  31. JollyJamma

    Ryzen 7 Gaming PC

    Upgrade to the 3700X like the others have said. Evetech are shit. If your upgrade bundle from them breaks and they don’t RMA it for you, can you really afford that?
  32. JollyJamma

    DDR5 is finally on par with DDR4 in terms of pricing

    Early adopters tax mate. This was obviously going to happen, especially with stock levels returning to normal.
  33. JollyJamma

    GPU not boosting correctly (SOLVED but looking for advice regarding thermal pads)

    Still sounds like something is overheating. Could be anything really. Best way is to put the GPU on an open bench and use a temp probe to see what’s hot. What software are you using? HW Info shows more than just the GPU die temp. I’d probably send the GPU back though. Can the seller...
  34. JollyJamma

    GPU not boosting correctly (SOLVED but looking for advice regarding thermal pads)

    What temps are the other components of the power delivery? It might not be the core overheating but maybe the VRAM or VRMs. Edit: have you opened it up and looked at the thermal paste/pad application?
  35. JollyJamma

    Whatsapp transfer - Android to iOS

    No idea. I only have one account as I’m not a drug dealer.
  36. JollyJamma

    Whatsapp transfer - Android to iOS

    Install WhatsApp desktop for your computer - you’ll thank me later
  37. JollyJamma

    Asus Noctua 3070 - Selling value

    Angle grinder and some lube?
  38. JollyJamma

    Own a Ryzen 5000? Hold onto it. Want a Ryzen 5000? HURRY!

    Crisis that’s not a nice price increase. AMD 5800X here is £298 on Amazon and £283.95 at another etailer. That’s R5600~. I might as well just buy one and upgrade my 3300X and stop being tight.
  39. JollyJamma

    i3 12100f

    Probably. They probably have no idea because that’s so classic evetech and when they keep coming back they keep trying to figure out what’s going on. They also ignore RMA emails and management thinks it’s spam.
  40. JollyJamma

    i3 12100f

    I mean, I just thought you were a hobbit but clearly you’re more than just a big hair foot computer geek. I wonder how Evereck are coping with the Hero RMA returns?
  41. JollyJamma

    Would a FHR RTX 3080 be equal in value to a LHR RTX 3080 Ti

    At one point you could easily trade a 3080 FHR for a 3080 ti here in the UK but those days are gone really. Tons of stock on the market now and prices dropped a lot. You still might since bitcoin rebounded but see.
  42. JollyJamma

    i3 12100f

    That’s some big brain thinking right there. I would have gotten the Hero because I know what to look out for and it’s a good board.
  43. JollyJamma

    i3 12100f

    That’s fair. You can always flip the 12100 for close to what you paid for it. What RAM did you get?
  44. JollyJamma

    i3 12100f

    Hold up, you got a 12100 with Z690 and DDR5? That’s unbalanced AF. That being said, I have a 3300X and a 3080.
  45. JollyJamma

    Support Ban appeal

    Ignorance of the law does not obsolve you from the ramifications. We see this evvvvery month and it’s getting old.
  46. JollyJamma

    SLI or upgrade?

    SLI isn’t a thing any more. It’s not supported by most games these days. NVlink is the new SLI and it’s basically supported by benchmark “games” for world record holders. Isn’t your GPU the 3.5gig model? The last 500megs of the RAM was unusable due to the interface structure. That’s not going...
  47. JollyJamma

    Overheating cheapo GPU

    It’s the only solution.
  48. JollyJamma

    Pc crashing

    I have to agree with this. If it’s not driver related, it’s probably the PSU. Don’t think that because it says 600 watts that that’s what the PSU is capable of. Huntkey put zero effort into making some of their PSUs so you could get a potato with them.
  49. JollyJamma

    Power hungry 3080ti

    Unless they just haven’t communicated their test that well and the PSU is drawing 925 watts from the wall and delivering 841 to the system. I doubt that they would be highlighting the psu drawing it’s rated wattage as a pro in the end comments. Pretty sure this psu can deliver 841 watts to...
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