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  1. Mantiac

    [Sale] LENOVO THINKPAD X280 - i7 8650u - 8GB RAM - 512GB SSD - LTE - WARRANTY 2024

    Mainly web based research, word processing, excel while away from a wall socket for at least 8hrs a day
  2. Mantiac

    [Sale] LENOVO THINKPAD X280 - i7 8650u - 8GB RAM - 512GB SSD - LTE - WARRANTY 2024

    How long does the battery last?
  3. Mantiac

    Sim Racing Gear - Where and how to buy

    Just got word this morning that the 8nm power supply arrived in SA 😁
  4. Mantiac

    Sim Racing Gear - Where and how to buy

    I recently purchased a mint condition csl dd base (original packaging etc) , 5nm power supply and the Gran Turismo wheel off ebay. The total cost including shipping was around 12k. I then ordered a 3rd party 8nm power supply also off ebay, total cost including shipping from Hong Kong R1300. So...
  5. Mantiac

    [Sale] Fanatec Mclaren GT3 V2 + CSL pedals (Both Sealed)

    How did u end up with everything except the base...that is heart breaking.
  6. Mantiac

    [PIF] Battlefield 2042 code

    I am one of those who want it😂. Just not keen on spending R900 for it. Honestly hope they fix it, battlefield has been my go to shooter
  7. Mantiac

    [PIF] Battlefield 2042 code

    Has the game actually gotten better since launch month? I was so stoked for it but the reviews were terrible, like worse than no man's sky on release
  8. Mantiac

    [PIF] Battlefield 2042 code

    So like wot R5... OH Wait u said store value, not actual worth. Got it.
  9. Mantiac

    [PIF] Battlefield 2042 code

    I'm keen to see the return PIF for that what would even be an appropriate PIF 🤔
  10. Mantiac

    free (occulus) MarsQuest

    This looks pretty cool, thanks bud😁
  11. Mantiac

    [Feeler] Ps5 (Purchased 6 April 2022)

    Series X sold, still not sure if I should sell the PS5. Would anyone be keen for R12k in mid June? (maybe sooner)
  12. Mantiac

    [Feeler]  Ps5 (Purchased 6 April 2022)

    Item: Playstation 5, 1 white controller Age: Purchased new 6 April Price: R12 000 Payment Method Accepted: Eft Warranty: I believe its standard one year Warranty Holder: possibly Packaging: Full Condition: Minty Location: Cape Town Reason: Bought it to play GT7. Now relocating...
  13. Mantiac

    [Sale] Playstation 5 Dualsense Controller - Glacier White

    I almost bought the dbrand version but they only sell the rounded edges version now.... I prefer the pointy version... going to Boston in July will see if I can get there
  14. Mantiac

    [Feeler] My Xbox Series X for your Laptop

    I'm open to negotiation around specs and cash from my side to sweeten a deal
  15. Mantiac

    [Sale/Trade] Alienware 17 R3 i7 6700HQ (R8500) or trade for a 14"/"13" laptop

    Come on man, I know we can't do any price discussing in a sale thread but I think there are one too many 0's in that price... @Itrooper maybe check your advert buddy
  16. Mantiac

    [Feeler]  My Xbox Series X for your Laptop

    Got some traveling to do. Anybody keen on trading my Series X (full packaging /Pop) for your Laptop? Item Wanted: Laptop, 16gb DDR4, 1660ti or there abouts gpu Packaging Essential:nope Desired Age: any Location: any Willing to accept a shipped item: totes Ballpark/Budget Amount: trade but...
  17. Mantiac

    [Sale] Lenovo Legion Y 9th Gen i5 1660ti 17"

    This gone with the wind?
  18. Mantiac

    1. 17"
    My Xbox Series X for your Laptop

    Would anyone be keen on trading their laptop for my minty Xbox Series X, full packaging, PoP etc? Item Wanted: Laptop with 16gb DDR4, 1660ti or there abouts gpu Packaging Essential: nope Desired Age: any Location: any Willing to accept a shipped item: sure Ballpark/Budget Amount: Trade FYI...
  19. Mantiac

    [Sale] Playstation 5 Dualsense Controller - Glacier White

    Aaah ok, thought you had some fancy connec. Cool beans, I'll wait to pick some up when I'm state side
  20. Mantiac

    free (xb1, xb360) MX vs. ATV Alive

    Thanks 😁
  21. Mantiac

    [Sale/Trade] Asus VP32UQ 4k 32inch monitor or trade for a 1440p 144/120hz monitor

    Didn't see the refresh rate on the linked page, can it do 120hz at 1080p?
  22. Mantiac

    Xbox wireless adapter for windows

    😁happy I could help. This is self service, you have to close the thread yourself
  23. Mantiac

    Xbox wireless adapter for windows

    It won't let you create a bid or buy account? That's weird man, you sure it's not something in re your browser or plug-ins maybe
  24. Mantiac

    [Sale] Playstation 5 Dualsense Controller - Glacier White

    Off topic but where are you getting the black panels from?
  25. Mantiac

    Xbox wireless adapter for windows I've purchased one from them in the past. Also bought a few other bits from them recently. Never had any issues with their service
  26. Mantiac

    [Sale] 2x Rtx 3060 ventus 12gb

    12gb vram for that monies.... very nice price
  27. Mantiac

    [Sale] PS 4 - white 500gb

    🤣 Thanks, deleted it now. Free bumps to the thread I guess
  28. Mantiac

    [Sale] PS 4 - white 500gb

    Maybe remove your cell phone number, interested parties will message you via the carb messaging system. Having your phone number on the advert can lead to unwanted spam been directed to it
  29. Mantiac

    [Sale] Inno3D RTX 3060 Chill Red 3x 12GB

    Thats one moerse big card though... I like it😍
  30. Mantiac

    [Sale] Playstation 4 1TB Edition - 2x Controllers & Charging Station

    That's awesome, would be less hassles to sell it all in one go. Good luck bud
  31. Mantiac

    [Sale] Playstation 4 1TB Edition - 2x Controllers & Charging Station

    Might get a little more traction if you split out the items instead of selling it as a bundle. Peeps might want the console but not really keen on those games. Or maybe they just want one controller and some of the games. A reseller I suppose might want that bundle to split out and sell or maybe...
  32. Mantiac

    [Wanted] Hori Mini PS4 Wired controller

    How about R300 or maybe a trade for sumn?
  33. Mantiac

    [Wanted] Hori Mini PS4 Wired controller

    Anybody have one laying in a cupboard maybe
  34. Mantiac


    Now if only the game looked as good.... I'm digging the show, keen to see how far away from the games lore they dare go before the fan Boys start threatening to burn down the studio
  35. Mantiac

    [Wanted] Ps5 Disc Edition
  36. Mantiac

    [Wanted]  Hori Mini PS4 Wired controller

    I'm looking for one of those wired hori controllers. Basically just need the chip inside to allow me to use a csl dd wheel via drivehub on the ps5... Item Wanted:Hori Mini PS4 Wired controller Packaging Essential:nope Desired Age:any Location: any Willing to accept a shipped item:yes...
  37. Mantiac

    Ps5 to swap for a Gaming pc [already found a swap]

    Figure out what gpu you want and then use that as base. Even a lowly 1060 6gb is between 3500 and 4000. I wouldn't recommend going any lower than a 1060 6gb if you want to game at 1080p. Ps5 is a beast for the price point.
  38. Mantiac

    [Sale] PlayStation 4 With Extras

    Hey, digging your console, sorry that I ever sold mine, that shape was my favorite. So tempted to pick up one again. Fyi: Maybe have a quick read over the rules You have to wait 3 days before bumping an ad.
  39. Mantiac

    [Wanted] Ps5 Disc Edition

    Yeah me too, I was refreshing since 8:55, as soon as I completed checkout, they were all gone
  40. Mantiac

    [Wanted] Ps5 Disc Edition

    The unbundled disc version was sold out in like 3 minutes...or maybe less
  41. Mantiac

    [Sale] Thrustmaster TS PC racer Ferrari 488 Challenge/ LCM Pedals loadcell /Gforce Sim Rig

    Now that is a fantastic deal. This will be gone soon. What are you upgrading too? I just bit the bullet and ordered the csl dd and some extra bits but if I hadn't I would have taken this, your pricing is super tempting
  42. Mantiac

    [Sale] XBOX (original) Bundle SOLD

    Let's chat, I'll pm you
  43. Mantiac

    [Sale] XBOX (original) Bundle SOLD

    I have 4 already..... I suck at reselling, I just end up hoarding the stuff. Got banned from because the mod there thought I was buying everything and reselling..... I just keep everything. Please don't tempt me to buy this, I'm already struggling to stop myself from making you an...
  44. Mantiac

    [Sale] XBOX (original) Bundle SOLD

    Completely understand, I'll wait till someone buys the pack and then try to buy just the Duke from them
  45. Mantiac

    [Sale] XBOX (original) Bundle SOLD

    Thanks that works for me. Nice set up, I'm eyeing that Duke controller.... always wanted one. If u do decide to split eventually, let me know
  46. Mantiac

    [Sale] XBOX (original) Bundle SOLD

    How big is the hard drive
  47. Mantiac

    [Sale] Jabra 410

    Pm sento
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