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  1. Havoc1978

    1. 24"
    1. 1080p
    X3 23" LG with tripple screen mount

    Advertising for a friend, will whatsapp pics on request Item: X2 LG 23MP55HQ , X1 23MP57HQ, X1 Tripple screen mount Age: Dunno Price: R7000 neg Payment Method Accepted: EFT, Cash Warranty: Nope Warranty Holder: Curretn owner 7 days Packaging: Original on screens ( TBC) Condition:Great Location...
  2. Havoc1978

    [Wanted]  Xbox Controllers

    Hi Looking for X2 Xbox 360 controllers with Windows receiver or two Xbox One controllers that are Bluetooth capable. Item Wanted: Stated above Packaging Essential: Nope Desired Age: - Location: RSA, JHB would be cool Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes Ballpark/Budget Amount: R800 FYI...
  3. Havoc1978

    1. DDR3
    2. Desktop
    Avexir Core Series Blue 8Gb kit 1600Hz

    Up for sale, decent DDR3 gaming RAM Item: Avexir Core Series AVD3U16000904G-2CW 8Gb DDR3 kit (4Gb X2 Blue LED) Age: Not sure, bought of a Carbie a while back in a bundle Price: R600 Payment Method Accepted: Cash/EFT Warranty: Nope Warranty Holder: Me for 7 days Packaging: Original Condition...
  4. Havoc1978

    [Wanted]  Galax HOF GTX980ti Fans

    Had the right hand side fan die on my Galax HOF GTX980ti, hunting a replacment fan or set Item wanted:Galax 980ti HOF fans Packaging Essential: nope Desired Age: As long as functional does not matter Location: Roodepoort Willing to accept a shipped item:Jip Ballpark/Budget Amount: R300 FYI...
  5. Havoc1978

    [Sale]  Gigabyte GTX970 G1 Gaming

    Item: Gigabyte GTX970 G1 Gaming Age: Dunno Price: R3000 Payment Method Accepted: Cash/Eft Warranty: Nope Warranty Holder: Me I guess, for 1 week Packaging: Original Condition:Excellent Location:Roodepoort Reason: Keeping my ROG R9 290x for HTPC duty instead Shipping: On buyer Collection: Sure...
  6. Havoc1978

    [Sale]  I7 950, MSI X58 Pro, 16Gb Kingston low profile( 2x 8Gb) Ddr 3, Coolermaster Hyper N520 cooler

    Old school Cool Everything in good condition, mobo has IO plate, release tab on 1st PCe slot snapped off, does not affect performance Item: Old School Combo Age:Old Price: R1500 neg Payment Method Accepted:Cash/ Efr Warranty: Depleted Warranty Holder: Packaging: None, can build something if...
  7. Havoc1978

    [Sale/Trade]  Asus Rog Matrix Platinum R9290X

    Hi Will be available from next week Monday or once upgrade card arrives. GPU has been repasted with Coolermaster Mastergel Item: Asus Rog Matrix Platinum R9 290X 4Gb Age: Dunno Price: R4000 or trade for socket 2066 i7/i9 CPU with quad channel memory capability the is X299 chipset compatible...
  8. Havoc1978

    [Sale]  Asus Rog Striker GTX760 4gb

    Upgrading HTPC, GPU will be available next week, condition is good, RGB indicator window stuck on green though, GPU paste has been replaced. Item: Asus Rog Striker GTX760 Age: old Price: R1500 Payment Method Accepted: Cash or EFT Warranty: nope Warranty Holder:- Packaging: Nope, can build...
  9. Havoc1978

    [Sale]  logitech g513 carbon lightsync rgb mechanical gaming keyboard with gx blue switches - clicky

    Got as a swop out. Brand new in box No use for it, bought a EVGA OptoMechanical in December Item:logitech g513 carbon lightsync rgb mechanical gaming keyboard with gx blue switches - clicky Age: 1 Day Price:R1900 Payment Method Accepted: eft or cash Warranty: Don't have a POP for it Warranty...
  10. Havoc1978

    1. Other
    1. Other
    Ergotron HX 45-475-224 49´´ Max 19.1 kg Monitor Arm Mount

    Hi Looking to mount my 49" to get a better gaming position, looks like this is the correct arm for the job If anyone has one or can point me in a direction, that will be a great help...
  11. Havoc1978

    [Sale]  X6 RX570 4Gb complete mining rig

    Bought from a mate who quite mining 2018, rig has been standing for a while, has 6 Gigabyte RX570 4gb Gaming GPU, a Biostar Tbc250 Pro V6 mobo, Pentium G4560, 4gb RAM, 128Gb SSD, 1600W Bitminer PSU, open air woodframe. 4 GPU's fans run well after a clean and WD40 service, 2 cards will require...
  12. Havoc1978

    [Sale]  Entry level Gen 3 i3 bundle

    Up for sale i3 3240 on a Gigabyte GA-H61M-S1 mobo, with X1 8gb DDR 3 Hynix RAM and a Deepcool Gama Archer CPU cooler Item:Bundle Age: Dunno, Cooler is new Price: R1500 neg. Payment Method Accepted:EFT/Cash Warranty: None Packaging: Not original Condition: Excellent Location: Roodepoort...
  13. Havoc1978

    1. Other
    1. Other
    Samsung G7 Odyssey Power supply

    Monitor stolen, no use for the power supply, if someone is looking to have one spare hit me up, thing is a brick so guessing they are not that easy to get a hold off, and with Eksdom screwing the pooch constantly, might be smart to have extra one. Item: Samsung G7 Odyssey power supply Age: 1...
  14. Havoc1978

    1. DDR4
    Kingston Hyper X Black DDR4 2666

    Up for sale X2 4Gb - hx426c15fb/4 X1 8Gb - hx426c16fb2/8 Item: Age: Dunno Price: R500 for X2 4Gb, R500 for X1 8Gb, R900 for all three sticks Payment Method Accepted: EFT/Cash Warranty: Nope Packaging: Not original, think I have some Domplats packaging I can put it in. Condition: Excellent...
  15. Havoc1978

    [Sale]  EVGA GTX 770 SC

    Up for sale, will be available after the weekend New thermal paste applied a month back. Solid 2Gb GPU, runs well Item:EVGA GTX770 SC Age: dunno Price: R1300 neg Payment Method Accepted:EFT or cash Warranty: nope Packaging: Have a GPU box for it, not original Condition: very Good Location...
  16. Havoc1978

    [Wanted]  Gen 4 i7

    Looking for a mate Gen 4 i7, 4790k preferred but 4770 and up will also be considered Item Wanted: Gen 4 i7 Socket 1150 Packaging Essential: Nope Desired Age: Any as long as it works Location: Roodepoort Willing to accept a shipped item: Jip, but itrader rating plays a factor Ballpark/Budget...
  17. Havoc1978

    [Feeler]  Feeler- i7/Z77/16Gb combo for X99 mobo trade

    Hi Feeler for now, have a MSI Z77 Thunder bolt mobo military class, 3d printed IO panel, i7 3770 with Deepcool Archer cooler and 16Gb DDR3 Avexir Blue LED ram (4gbX4) that I potentially want to trade for a X99 motherboard in good 100% working condition. If anyone has a X99 mobo floating...
  18. Havoc1978

    [Sale]  Corsair H115i Extreme AIO

    Hi Item: Corsair H115i Age: not sure, bought on Carb a while back Price: R600 neg. Payment Method Accepted: EFT and cash Warranty: nope Packaging: Original Condition: Good/used Location:Roodepoort Reason: not being used Shipping: Buyers cost and risk Collection: Sure Link: Corsair Hydro H115i...
  19. Havoc1978

    [Sale/Trade]  Gen 4 Gaming Rig

    Some assholes decided to redistribute my G7 32" and TV yesterday, so selling off extra gaming rig to put towards new kit. Item: Gen 4 Gaming Rig I7 4790K Asus Sabertooth z97 MK1 16Gb Dominator platinum 1600mhz (X4 4gb) Galax HOF 980ti Seasonic 625w PSU Phanteks Enthoo Evolve Grey with Phanteks...
  20. Havoc1978

    [Wanted]  Coolermaster Q500L

    Hi Item Wanted: Coolermaster Q500L Packaging Essential: not really Desired Age: newish Location: Roodepoort Willing to accept a shipped item: nope Ballpark/Budget Amount: R400 FYI -------- For your and my protection please read our guide to safe dealing...
  21. Havoc1978

    [Sale]  i7 3770 + MSI Z77A-G45 Thunderbolt + 16gb (X4 4Gb) Avexir DDR3 1600 (Blue Led) + Gamdias Chione E2(120R) AIO cooler

    HI Up for sale, nice little combo, everything runs 100%(can give 3D mark stress test scores) , mobo does not have IO panel, did not come with when I bought it from another Carbie, AIO cooler is unused (CPU plate still has stickers on), came with bundle I bought, (no use for it as I am running...
  22. Havoc1978

    [Sale/Trade]  Acer P1340W Projector + 100" Motorized screen

    Hi Looking to sell or trade my Acer P1340W + 100" motorized screen (comes with long power and HDMI cables) for a 27" monitor or sell for R2500 neg, used to be in my bar, moved, new house does not have a bar Item: Acer P1340W + 100" screen Age: Around 6 years Price: R2500 neg Payment Method...
  23. Havoc1978

    [Wanted]  I5 7640x

    Hi In the market for a i5 7640x, please let me know if someone has one they are willing to part with Item Wanted:i5 7640x Packaging Essential:nope Desired Age:any Location:Jhb Willing to accept a shipped item:jip Ballpark/Budget Amount:R1500+ FYI -------- For your and my protection please...
  24. Havoc1978

    [Sale]  Gigabyte GTX980 Extreme

    Item: Gigabyte GTX980 Extreme Age: N/a Price: R3700 Payment Method Accepted: EFT/Cash Warranty: N/a Packaging: Yes, original, outer box a bit worse for wear though Condition: Good ( Fully functional, RGB bit dim, especially on the fan Halo's) New thermal paste applied Location: Roodepoort...
  25. Havoc1978

    1. DDR3
    2. Desktop
    Domplats DDR3 1600HZ and up

    Item Wanted: X2 4gb DDR3 Corsair Dominator Platinum 1600hz and higher Packaging Essential:nope Desired Age:- Location:Roodepoort Willing to accept a shipped item:jip Ballpark/Budget Amount: R600 for set FYI -------- For your and my protection please read our guide to safe dealing: Guide for...
  26. Havoc1978

    [Feeler]  Trade - Gigabyte RTX3080 OC for MSI Trio RTX3080

    Thinking of matching mobo to GPU, will only consider trade on MSI RTX3080 Trio, if someone is keen. Has to be face to face on this one, locally bought with POP, no mod's done full packaging etc. Itrader score will also factor heavily in decision. Please do not ask to buy the GPU, not selling...
  27. Havoc1978

    [Sale/Trade]  X2 Noctua NF-A14 FLX

    Hi I have two Noctua NF-A14 FLX that I am selling, changed AIO to 360 so no longer using these. In very good condition, vibration dampers on one side only ( so 4 not 8 per fan), will come with single to double fan power header cable. Selling: R600 for both with the header cable, or trades for...
  28. Havoc1978

    [Sale]  Gigabyte GTX 1650 Mini ITX OC

    Hi Item:Gigabyte GTX 1650 Mini ITX OC 4G Age: Not sure, got as part of trade Price: R3000 neg Warranty:Should still have Packaging: Complete Condition: Excellent Location:Roodepoort Reason:Not using Shipping:Sure, buyers cost and risk Collection: Sure Link: GeForce® GTX 1650 MINI ITX OC 4G Key...
  29. Havoc1978

    [Sale]  Mid level Gaming Rig - just add keyboard and mouse

    Looking to finance a new screen for my primary gaming rig, this one is sitting around not doing much, strong PC for COD MW/Warzone/ Apex etc. Will leave MW and Warzone on the 500Gb so no new download required :) Not open to splitting, would go as a single PC Item: Rig Age: Various Price: R10...
  30. Havoc1978

    [Feeler]  Gigabyte GTX1070ti

    Testing the waters, got card in a trade deal on Carb recently, overkill for my daughter's needs so looking to shift down to a lower card with cash difference. Will consider Gigabyte,Asus,MSI,Galax,EVGA,Sapphire cards Gtx1060 6gb + R2000 Gtx980 + R2500 Gtx970 + R3000 RX580 8Gb + R2000 Roodepoort...
  31. Havoc1978

    [Sale]  Gigabyte GT1030 Silent Low Profile 2g

    Item:Gigabyte GT1030 Silent Low Profile 2g Age: not sure, bought on carb a few months back Price:R1100 Warranty: Should still be covered with Loot Packaging: jip Condition:Excellent Location:Roodepoort Reason: Upgraded Shipping:sure, on buyer Collection:sure Link: GT 1030 Silent Low Profile 2G...
  32. Havoc1978

    [Sale]  AMD 1055T ,Asrock 970 Pro plus MSI GTX550Ti 1Gb

    Getting rid of unneeded gear. AMD Phenom 1055t 6 core Asrock 970 Pro 3 MSI GTX550ti 1Gb Armor # Age: Old Price: R1000 Warranty: Nope Packaging:Nope Condition:Very Good Location: Roodepoort JHb Reason:Not needed Shipping:on buyer via TCG Collection: Sure Link...
  33. Havoc1978

    [Sale/Trade]  MSI RTX2080 Trio for 980Ti and UP + cash

    Hi Looking to trade + cash or straight sell my RTX2080 Trio for a lower card plus cash to put into my daughter's PC. Specifically looking for MSI, Asus or Galax HOF or Gigabyte card Trio straight Sale R9500 Will consider the following trade options, somewhat neg depending on card offered...
  34. Havoc1978

    [Wanted]  Rtx 3080

    In the market for a RTX3080, along the lines of the Auoros Master, Auorus Waterforce or Trio, will consider Zotac also Hit me up if you have one and is looking to sell. Item Wanted:RTX3080 Packaging Essential:yes Desired Age: Location: Roodepoort Willing to accept a shipped item: yes...
  35. Havoc1978

    [Wanted]  4Gb and Up GPU

    Hi All looking for a GPU for a clan mate, GTX970 and up, cannot be extra length due to chassis constraint, dual fan only under 27cm length Item Wanted: 4Gb + GPU Packaging Essential: Preferred but not essential Desired Age: When did the 900 series come out? Location: Roodepoort Willing to...
  36. Havoc1978

    [Wanted]  Corsair HD120

    Hi Looking for x1 extra HD 120 Item Wanted: Corsair Hd 120 fan Packaging Essential:nope Desired Age: dunno Location: JHB Willing to accept a shipped item: Yebo Ballpark/Budget Amount: R200 FYI -------- For your and my protection please read our guide to safe dealing: Guide for safe dealing...
  37. Havoc1978

    [Sale/Trade]  Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter V2

    Hi No need for this anymore, bought of another carbie a few months ago, up for straight sale or trade for items listed below Item: Microsoft Wireless Display Adaptor V2 with latest firmware Age: About a year. Price: R550 neg. or trade for below items Warranty: no Packaging: no Condition...
  38. Havoc1978

    [Sale/Trade]  MSI GTX560ti Hawk

    Upgraded daughter machine with new GPU, this no needs to go Item: MSI GTX560ti Hawk Age: Old Price: R450 or trade options listed below Warranty: Nada Packaging: Nope, but can build a decent box if shipping Condition: Good- been running in the kid's machine Location: Roodepoort Reason: Not...
  39. Havoc1978

    [Wanted]  Workout Bench

    Hi Guys Item Wanted: workout/gym bench Packaging Essential: nope Desired Age: any Location: Westrand Willing to accept a shipped item:nope Ballpark/Budget Amount: R500 neg. FYI -------- For your and my protection please read our guide to safe dealing: Guide for safe dealing on Carbonite! |...
  40. Havoc1978

    [Sale]  Logitech G13

    Item: Logitech G13 gaming keypad Age: Not sure Price: R750 neg Warranty: Nolpe Packaging: no , but will package securely if shipping Condition: Very Good Location: Roodepoort Reason: Vulcan Amio 121 Shipping:Sure , on buyer Collection: Sure Link: Review: Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard -...
  41. Havoc1978

    [Sale/Trade]  Coolermaster TD500 + Raidmax Cobra Power 1000W PSU

    Hi folks Recently upgraded so selling the following combo Coolermsater TD500 (RGB fans removed, currently as three Thermaltake Riing 120 Orange fans installed in front of chassis, RGB controller still in chassis running power button but seems wonky will add brand new unused Fractal RGB...
  42. Havoc1978

    Razer Orbweaver or Tartarus V2 Chroma

    Hi looking to change things up a bit from my Logitech G13, would like to try either a Razer Orbweaver or Tartarus V2 Item Wanted: Razer Orbweaver or Tartarus V2 Packaging Essential: Would be cool Desired Age: Any as long as in very good condition Location: Roodepoort Gauteng Willing to accept...
  43. Havoc1978

    [Sale]  I7 4790+Asus Z97-K/USB3.1+ 16Gb DDR3 Corsair Vengeance

    Hi all upgraded so time to let this gear go. Item: 4790 with stock HSF+Asus Z97-K/USB3.1+ 16Gb DDR3 Corsair Vengeance (4x4gb) believe it is 1866Mhz Age:not sure bought of various carbies Price:R4000 Warranty:Nope Packaging: No original except RAM kits Condition:Excellent Location:Roodepoort...
  44. Havoc1978

    [Sale]  Gigabyte Aorus B360 Gaming 3 Wifi

    Item:Gigabyte Aorus B360 Gaming 3 Wifi Age: 3 Days Price: R1500 Warranty:3 years with Rectron Packaging:Full Condition:Brand New fired up, updated BIOS to be compatible with Gen 9 Intel CPU's Location: Roodepoort Reason: Going Z390 for my i9 9900K instead Shipping: Prefer not to but if then at...
  45. Havoc1978

    [Sale]  EVGA GTX1070 Hybrid

    Looking to sell my GTX1070 Hybrid as I have gone RTX, bought of Carb a few months back Item: EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB Hybrid GAMING Age: 2 years ( had for a few months, bought of @Thedarkstar in Jun ) Price: R3500 Warranty: Don't have POP Packaging: Will package to ship Condition: clean 100%...
  46. Havoc1978

    [Sale/Trade]  Biostar RX580 4Gb

    Hi Looking to trade for a 512gb+ NVME M.2 drive ( 2242/2260/2280) or 480gb+ 2.5" SSD or sell outright Item:Biostar RX580 4Gb Age:Not sure, bought from a Carbie a few months back Price: R1200 or trade for specified Warranty:Dunno Packaging:No, but have foam from a Sapphire RX and can build box...
  47. Havoc1978

    [Sale]  X99 Gaming PC

    HI Folks Selling my X99 Gaming PC CPU: Xeon E5 2670 V3 12core 24 Thread (Bought from Carbie) CPU Cooler : Coolermaster G100m (RGB capable) New have box and receipt from Evetech MOBO: Gigabyte X99 SOC Champion RAM: Micron 16gb DDR4 2400MHz (x2 8gb) 4 slots on board, two slots not active, not...
  48. Havoc1978

    [Sale]  4770K Gaming Beast

    Selling my main gaming rig, total beast of a machine. Want to sell PC as a complete unit, not looking at splitting yet, no interest in trades. Win10 64Bit Pro legit copy loaded, will do full refresh on sale with latest drivers Item: Gaming Rig Age: Various Price: R18 500 (Based on going 2nd...
  49. Havoc1978

    [Sale]  Corsair 8gb DDR3 ( x4 2gb) CMV4GX3M2A1333C9

    Selling for a friend, will not sell modules separate. Item: Corsair 2Gb DDR3 1333mhz C9 X4 Age:Not Sure Price:R500 for all 4 Warranty:Nope Packaging:Will put into antistatic bag Condition:Great Location:Little Falls Roodepoort Reason:Upgraded Shipping:Sure on buyer Collection:Sure Link...
  50. Havoc1978

    [Wanted]  1150 mobo with 4 ram slots

    Item Wanted:Socket 1150 mobo with 4 ram slots Packaging Essential: nope Desired Age: as long as the board works 100% no worries on age Location: Gauteng Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes Ballpark/Budget Amount: Depends on board R600 to R1000 FYI -------- For your and my protection please...
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