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  1. Havoc1978

    [Sale] X3 23" LG with tripple screen mount

    Price drop 6k
  2. Havoc1978

    1. 24"
    1. 1080p
    X3 23" LG with tripple screen mount

    Advertising for a friend, will whatsapp pics on request Item: X2 LG 23MP55HQ , X1 23MP57HQ, X1 Tripple screen mount Age: Dunno Price: R7000 neg Payment Method Accepted: EFT, Cash Warranty: Nope Warranty Holder: Curretn owner 7 days Packaging: Original on screens ( TBC) Condition:Great Location...
  3. Havoc1978

    [Reseller] Intel Processors available @ discount prices

    What socket 2066 do you have?
  4. Havoc1978

    [Wanted]  Xbox Controllers

    Hi Looking for X2 Xbox 360 controllers with Windows receiver or two Xbox One controllers that are Bluetooth capable. Item Wanted: Stated above Packaging Essential: Nope Desired Age: - Location: RSA, JHB would be cool Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes Ballpark/Budget Amount: R800 FYI...
  5. Havoc1978

    [Sale] Hisense 55" ULED Quantum Dot TV

  6. Havoc1978

    [Sale] Avexir Core Series Blue 8Gb kit 1600Hz

    sold to @Milktart ,closing
  7. Havoc1978

    [Sale] Almost Complete X299 Gaming PC R5000 PRICE DROP

    Pm'd, keen to chat on the CPU,RAM, potentially the rest
  8. Havoc1978

    [Sale] Avexir Core Series Blue 8Gb kit 1600Hz

    Price drop R450
  9. Havoc1978

    [Sale] Avexir Core Series Blue 8Gb kit 1600Hz

    Price drop R500
  10. Havoc1978

    1. DDR3
    2. Desktop
    Avexir Core Series Blue 8Gb kit 1600Hz

    Up for sale, decent DDR3 gaming RAM Item: Avexir Core Series AVD3U16000904G-2CW 8Gb DDR3 kit (4Gb X2 Blue LED) Age: Not sure, bought of a Carbie a while back in a bundle Price: R600 Payment Method Accepted: Cash/EFT Warranty: Nope Warranty Holder: Me for 7 days Packaging: Original Condition...
  11. Havoc1978

    [Wanted] Galax HOF GTX980ti Fans

  12. Havoc1978

    [Wanted] Galax HOF GTX980ti Fans

  13. Havoc1978

    [Wanted]  Galax HOF GTX980ti Fans

    Had the right hand side fan die on my Galax HOF GTX980ti, hunting a replacment fan or set Item wanted:Galax 980ti HOF fans Packaging Essential: nope Desired Age: As long as functional does not matter Location: Roodepoort Willing to accept a shipped item:Jip Ballpark/Budget Amount: R300 FYI...
  14. Havoc1978

    [Sale] Gigabyte GTX970 G1 Gaming

    Sold to @Brentacus , closing
  15. Havoc1978

    [Sale] Gigabyte GTX970 G1 Gaming

    Price drop R2750
  16. Havoc1978

    [Sale/Trade] Asus Rog Matrix Platinum R9290X

    Keeping, closing thread
  17. Havoc1978

    [Sale]  Gigabyte GTX970 G1 Gaming

    Item: Gigabyte GTX970 G1 Gaming Age: Dunno Price: R3000 Payment Method Accepted: Cash/Eft Warranty: Nope Warranty Holder: Me I guess, for 1 week Packaging: Original Condition:Excellent Location:Roodepoort Reason: Keeping my ROG R9 290x for HTPC duty instead Shipping: On buyer Collection: Sure...
  18. Havoc1978

    [Wanted] Looking for Gtx 970

  19. Havoc1978

    [Sale]  I7 950, MSI X58 Pro, 16Gb Kingston low profile( 2x 8Gb) Ddr 3, Coolermaster Hyper N520 cooler

    Old school Cool Everything in good condition, mobo has IO plate, release tab on 1st PCe slot snapped off, does not affect performance Item: Old School Combo Age:Old Price: R1500 neg Payment Method Accepted:Cash/ Efr Warranty: Depleted Warranty Holder: Packaging: None, can build something if...
  20. Havoc1978

    [Sale] Asus Rog Striker GTX760 4gb

    Sold to @BeArCrusAdE , closing
  21. Havoc1978

    [Sale/Trade]  Asus Rog Matrix Platinum R9290X

    Hi Will be available from next week Monday or once upgrade card arrives. GPU has been repasted with Coolermaster Mastergel Item: Asus Rog Matrix Platinum R9 290X 4Gb Age: Dunno Price: R4000 or trade for socket 2066 i7/i9 CPU with quad channel memory capability the is X299 chipset compatible...
  22. Havoc1978

    [Sale] PC Junk clearance - Old motherboards & K95 Plat XT Keyboardjo

    Anybody maybe have a number for @Gouhan they could send me?
  23. Havoc1978

    [Sale] Intel 7740X CPU

  24. Havoc1978

    [Sale] Asus Rog Striker GTX760 4gb

    On hold for @BeArCrusAdE till next week
  25. Havoc1978

    [Sale]  Asus Rog Striker GTX760 4gb

    Upgrading HTPC, GPU will be available next week, condition is good, RGB indicator window stuck on green though, GPU paste has been replaced. Item: Asus Rog Striker GTX760 Age: old Price: R1500 Payment Method Accepted: Cash or EFT Warranty: nope Warranty Holder:- Packaging: Nope, can build...
  26. Havoc1978

    [Sale]  logitech g513 carbon lightsync rgb mechanical gaming keyboard with gx blue switches - clicky

    Got as a swop out. Brand new in box No use for it, bought a EVGA OptoMechanical in December Item:logitech g513 carbon lightsync rgb mechanical gaming keyboard with gx blue switches - clicky Age: 1 Day Price:R1900 Payment Method Accepted: eft or cash Warranty: Don't have a POP for it Warranty...
  27. Havoc1978

    [Sale] Sapphire Radeon RX 480 Nitro+ 4GB

  28. Havoc1978

    1. Other
    1. Other
    Ergotron HX 45-475-224 49´´ Max 19.1 kg Monitor Arm Mount

    Hi Looking to mount my 49" to get a better gaming position, looks like this is the correct arm for the job If anyone has one or can point me in a direction, that will be a great help...
  29. Havoc1978

    [Sale] X6 RX570 4Gb complete mining rig

    Sold to @PsychoErtjie , closing
  30. Havoc1978

    [Sale] X6 RX570 4Gb complete mining rig

    Provisionally sold, pending check and collect tomorrow
  31. Havoc1978

    [Sale]  X6 RX570 4Gb complete mining rig

    Bought from a mate who quite mining 2018, rig has been standing for a while, has 6 Gigabyte RX570 4gb Gaming GPU, a Biostar Tbc250 Pro V6 mobo, Pentium G4560, 4gb RAM, 128Gb SSD, 1600W Bitminer PSU, open air woodframe. 4 GPU's fans run well after a clean and WD40 service, 2 cards will require...
  32. Havoc1978

    What supps are you guys using ?

    beta ecdysterone, Test surge, whey, Nuke Extreme pre workout, devilsclaw & celery supplements for joints
  33. Havoc1978

    [Sale] Entry level Gen 3 i3 bundle

    Provisionally sold to @Heinz99910 , will close once done
  34. Havoc1978

    [Sale] Entry level Gen 3 i3 bundle

    Drop to R1200, will also trade for X2 Xbox One V2 controllers
  35. Havoc1978

    [Sale] Seasonic 620w Psu

    Still available?
  36. Havoc1978

    [Sale]  Entry level Gen 3 i3 bundle

    Up for sale i3 3240 on a Gigabyte GA-H61M-S1 mobo, with X1 8gb DDR 3 Hynix RAM and a Deepcool Gama Archer CPU cooler Item:Bundle Age: Dunno, Cooler is new Price: R1500 neg. Payment Method Accepted:EFT/Cash Warranty: None Packaging: Not original Condition: Excellent Location: Roodepoort...
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