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  1. Dirtdiver

    Anthem - Closed Alpha

    i cant wait to play this game. Im really excited about this. Never been impressed by anything, in a really long time and I hope it doesn't suck.
  2. Dirtdiver

    Tech scandals Everywhere !

    This....I think its very predictive. Like when i start my car and the bluetooth picks up the phone. It say 10 mins to the gym etc. Sometimes im not going there. But it makes you paranoid ....:)
  3. Dirtdiver

    Show us your gamer tattoos

    Thats dedication....
  4. Dirtdiver

    Eskom Warnings..... Again

    Eskom forcing us to accept a price increase again..... :(:sneaky:
  5. Dirtdiver

    The Courier Guy and insurance - sellers of 2nd hand goods BEWARE

    Geez..nothing is black and white anymore. They allow you to take the insurance and then dnt want to pay you. So who do we use now?:unsure:
  6. Dirtdiver

    Telscum Contact

    Same here got a sms I owe 11000. Account was cancelled in November 2017. Best part it's my father's account. I'm just the contact person. He is retired. He don't give two anythings. They can blacklist him
  7. Dirtdiver

    This guy is dumb... Well I think so.

    Sorry I can't see the pic. can you please re upload. Cos you know I just go with everything you say. Cos you are cool. 😂
  8. Dirtdiver

    This guy is dumb... Well I think so.

    We are very unlucky to have you. Did you come up with that all by yourself. Did it make you feel cool. You can carry on with your day then.
  9. Dirtdiver

    This guy is dumb... Well I think so.

    I've got no issues with people vaping. Do what u feel like doing. But dnt vape in gym😂
  10. Dirtdiver

    This guy is dumb... Well I think so.

    Well I'm just staring, right now, at what I think is the dumbest thing ever. There is a guy in gym sitting in the locker room and vaping. This is so confusing to me. I think he is an idiot. 😆. I'm going to enjoy my workout. Hopefully he is not vaping in the leg press. Lmao.
  11. Dirtdiver

    How do you get food onto a motherboard?

    When you hungry, still rocking an overheating oc Pentium 3 and too lazy to put the stove on. So you decide to cook on your CPU 🤣😂. It's a new stove mod. Evetech sells it.😋
  12. Dirtdiver

    Motherboard food plates

    Hahhahaha, sometimes the bad deals section is like bait, to get u banned. Its like your mind and fingers just want to do its own thing and type something, hehehe.
  13. Dirtdiver

    [PIF] Some old wood

    Some old raeesdawood, rofl
  14. Dirtdiver

    Starting Strength - Gym ladz.

    So learn the basic stuff. Bench, squat, bicep and triceps exercises, with correct form and light weight. In the starting phase of the gym life :), I say just go and get it done. Once you you get some time under the belt you can go into the specifics. Dnt over think it too much, cos you will just...
  15. Dirtdiver

    Starting Strength - Gym ladz.

    Dude that's not beginner :)
  16. Dirtdiver

    RIP Stan Lee

    He had a good run. Have fun up there.
  17. Dirtdiver

    [Sale] Raijintek Tisis Black Edition Air Cooler

    Hi guys, negotiations welcome. really need to buy another cooler soon. :)
  18. Dirtdiver

    MTN 50GB Promo

    I wish i can get this with MTN and only 1 gig data ...suckssss
  19. Dirtdiver

    Rebel Tech Support Thread

    I also want this :)