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    [Sale]  Poynting Dual Polarised High Gain Lte Antenna

    Item: Poynting Dual Polarised High Gain Lte Antenna / With 10M cable Age: Not Sure Price: R900 Payment Method Accepted: Cash or Eft Warranty: No Packaging: No Condition: Good Location: Pretoria Reason: Not Using Shipping: Prefer Collection but if we must ship we can arrange Collection: Preferred...
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    Vpn setup, Help

    Hello all... Can someone pls help me. I want to setup a Vpn just after my Internet router, wich does not support installing a Vpn So do you get like a Switch with a Vpn installed /or that you can install? It must be like hardware based not software, do not want to install it on a machine but...
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    [Sale]  Hp Proliant ML370 Server

    Item: Hp Proliant ML370 Server Age: Dunno Price: 2000 Payment Method Accepted: Cash or Eft Warranty: Working Warranty Packaging: No Condition: Good Location: Pretoria Reason: Not Using Shipping: Very Very Heavy so would not Recommend it Collection: Please Link: HP Hewlett Packard 389225-001...
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    [Sale]  Zotac 1080 Ti with Arctic Accelero Cooler

    Item: Zotac 1080Ti with Arctic Accelero Cooler Age: Not Sure Price: R9000 Payment Method Accepted: Cash Or Eft Warranty: No Packaging: No Condition: Good Location: Pretoria Reason: Not Using Shipping: Sure but on Buyer Collection: Preferred Link: Selling on behalf of a friend but Gpu is with...
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    [Sale]  Rotel Power Amplifier Rb-06

    Item: Rotel RB-06 Power Amplifier Age: Not Sure Price: R4250 Payment Method Accepted: Cash or Eft Warranty: 100% Working Guarantee or Refund Packaging: Yes , Original Box Condition: Excellent Location: Pretoria Reason: Too Many Power Amps Shipping: On Buyer but it is Heavy Collection: Preferred...
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    [Sale]  Asus Strix 1080Ti Gaming

    Item: Asus Strix Gaming 1080Ti Age: Bought 31/08/2017 Price: R7500 neg Warranty: Nope / they say 1 year on the Slip Packaging: Yes All Original Condition: Very Good Location: Pretoria Reason: Got the latest Riva TnT 512Mb Shipping: Sure on Buyer Collection: Preferred Link...
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    Water cooling

    Hello all... I want some advice on water cooling pls I have a Fractal Design s24 cooler, I want to replace the radiator with a bykski 360mm radiator, the fittings on the radiator is the same G1/4 SO, wil that pump of the fractal design be strong enough to circulate the liquid and how do you...
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    [Sale]  Philips Fidelio Soundsphere

    Item: Philips Fidelio Soundsphere Active Speakers Age: Not Sure Price: R2200 Warranty: None Packaging: None Condition: Very Good Location: Pretoria Reason: Too Many Speakers Shipping: Sure but cost on Buyer Collection: Preferred so we can Listen Link: Home review Very Nice sounding speakers...
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    [Sale]  Tannoy 633 Floorstanding Speakers

    Item: Tannoy 633 Floorstanding Speakers Age: Oldish Price: R3000 Warranty: None Packaging: None Condition: Excellent Location: Pretoria Reason: Too many speakers Shipping: Sure but cost on buyer, but they are quite Large Collection: Preferred, so we can listen Link: Tannoy Profile 633 - Hi-Fi...
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    Laptop Ram

    Hello all, need some help on a laptop, laptops not being my strong point... I have a old laptop Gigabyte Q1580P It came with 2 gig Ddr 2 800mhz ram Patriot I bought new 2 gig Ddr 2 800 mhz ram but could only get Transcend When I insert both ram sticks it does not even go into bios, it does...
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    [Sale]  Pioneer A307 R

    Item: Pioneer A307 R Age: Old Price: R1500 Warranty: None Packaging: None Condition: Good Location: Pretoria Reason: Too many Amplifiers Shipping: Sure but cost on buyer Collection: Preferred so we can listen to it Link:Pioneer A-307R Stereo Integrated Amplifier Manual | HiFi Engine Very good...
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    [Sale]  Yamaha Ax 492

    Item:Yamaha Ax492 Age:Not Sure Price:R3000 Warranty:None Packaging:None Condition:Good Location:pretoria Reason:Too many amplifiers Shipping:Sure but on buyer Collection:preferred so we can listen to it Link:Yamaha AX-492 Natural Sound Stereo Amplifier Manual | HiFi Engine No Remote but...
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    [Sale]  Old Cpu's

    Item: Intel Core i3 4160 socket 1150 and : Intel Q 9400 socket 775 Age:Old Price: Core i3 = R300 Q9400 = R300 Warranty: None Packaging: Anti-static Bag Condition: Working Location: Pretoria Reason: Not Using Shipping: Sure but Cost on Buyer Collection: Sure Link: Intel® Core™...
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    [Trade]  Fractal Design S24 for S36

    Hello All Just checking maybe i am Lucky Wanna Trade a Fractal Design S24 for the S36 , only because it would look nice in my case not because the S24 is not working nice i know some people are looking for the smaller one because of space issues Thanks
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    Hello All Carbies...... Just want some info on a Apple Imac G4 Computer with all original equipment and box ....If it is worth something ? Thank you in Advance ....
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    [Wanted]  Vertical Gpu Mount

    Item Wanted: Vertical Gpu Mount Packaging Essential: Nope Desired Age: Still good condition Location: Pretoria Willing to accept a shipped item:Sure Ballpark/Budget Amount: Dunno Hello All , Looking for a vertical gpu mount My Case says it is vertical gpu mount ready , not sure if you only...
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    Cpu Discussion

    Hello All Lockdown Carbies ... I need some advice please ……….. I want to buy a new Cpu , Mb and Ram ,, My whole life I only bought Intel Cpu's was never interested in Amd cpu's I started to look at Evetech's upgrade deals and the only intel cpu's that seems allright in my budget is I5 9400f...
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    Media Players

    Hello All.... Just need some advice on Media Players please I got a Minix Neo U9 and a U1 ,the U9 play all my files and my amplifier shows Atmos or true-hd and the HDR to my tv works perfectly so there is no issues with them , The U1 also plays everything but do not support HDR ,the only small...
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    [Sale]  Nad 2600 Power Amplifier

    Item: Nad 2600 Power Amplifier 150W RMS per Channel in 8 Ohm Age: Old Price: 3000 neg Warranty: Nope but can demo it Packaging: nope Condition: Good Location: Pretoria Reason: Got a Krell Shipping: It's very Heavy ...But sure on the Buyer Collection: Preferred Link: NAD 2600 - Manual - Monitor...
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    Pioneer A307R

    Item: Pioneer A307R Age: Dunno Price: R1500 Warranty: Not Anymore Packaging: Nope Condition: Good Location: Pretoria Reason: Too many amplifiers Shipping: Sure But cost on buyer Collection: Preferred so you can test it Link: Very nice amplifier 80W Rms x...
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    [Sale]  XfX RX480 Gpu 8Gb DDR5

    Item:XfX Rx 480 8Gb DDr 5 Age:Dunno Price:R5000 for the whole bundle Warranty:Nope Packaging:Only one have packaging Condition:Excellent working condition Location:Pretoria Reason:Not Using bought it from a friend Shipping:Not Preferred But if you Pay then Sure Collection:Preferred so i can...
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    [Sale]  Integra Dtr 50.6

    Item: Integra DTR 50.6 Atmos and DTS-X Amplifier with Remote Age: Not Sure Price: R8000 neg Warranty: No But welcome to test it Packaging :No but can package Condition: Very Good Location: Pretoria Reason: Not Using it - In spare Living room Shipping: It is a bit Heavy , but if you pay --Sure...
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    [Sale]  XfX Radeon RX 480 8Gb

    Item: XfX Radeon RX 480 8Gb - 5 available Age: Don't know Price: R1200 Each Warranty: No but can test when u collect Packaging: Yes all Condition: Looks Very Good Location: Pretoria Reason: Not Using it Anymore Shipping: Sure but prefer Collection Collection: Preferred Link: AMD Radeon™ RX 480...
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    [Sale]  MSI R9 290X Lightning

    Item:Msi R9 290X Lightning Age:Dunno Price:R900 Warranty:Nope Packaging:Yes Condition:Very Good Location:pretoria Reason:Not using it Shipping:If you want Collection:Sure Link:Radeon R9 290X LIGHTNING | Graphics card - The world leader in display performance | MSI Global The Yellow small middle...
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    [Sale]  Sappire R9 280X Toxic

    Item:Sapphire R9 280X Toxic OC Age:Dunno Price:R1500 Warranty:Nope Packaging:Nope Condition:Excellent Location:Pretoria Reason:Upgraded my Childs pc to a 1060 Shipping:Sure Collection:Preferred Link:Buy SAPPHIRE TOXIC Radeon R9 280X 3GB 384bit GDDR5 Overclocked Edition Graphics Card at...
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    [Sale]  Zotac Gt1030

    Very Nice screen card needed for the new codec 265 Also works excellent for 4K Fits in a microserver Item:Zotac Gt 1030 2Gb Low Profile Age:Bought May 2018 Price:1000 Warranty:No Don't think so Packaging:All Packaging Condition:As New Location:Pretoria Reason:Bought a streaming box so not...
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    [Sale]  Onkyo Tx-NR828 R6500

    Item:Onkyo Tx-NR828 Age:Not Sure Price:R7000 neg Warranty:No But can Demo for you Packaging:Not Anymore Condition:Excellent Everything working 110% Location:Pretoria Reason:Upgraded Shipping:Sure But Costs on Buyer Collection:Preferred Link:Onkyo | TX-NR828 Amplifier is in Very Good...
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    Firmware updates

    Hello all.... Is there anyone that had success in updating the firmware of a hisense tv I must update the firmware for the HDR to work, hisense did send me new firmware and instructions to install it but I tried for a few days now and just cannot get it installed The procedure is put the...
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    [Sale]  KRK Rokit Rpg2 5 Powered Studio Monitors

    Item:KRK Rokit Rpg2 5 Powered Studio Monitors Age:Don't Know but i bought it new some years ago Price:R3000 Warranty:No Packaging:Not anymore Sorry Condition:Like new , No scratches 100% Location:Gauteng pretoria Reason:Not Using it anymore , got earphones for the pc Shipping:Not Preferred ...
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    Cpu Swap

    Want to Swap my I5 7600K for a I7 7700K plus cash from my side if reasonable My i5 7600K has never been overclocked and running with a watercooler so allways been cool Thanks Item Wanted: I7 7700K Packaging Essential:Not really Desired Age:No Matter Location:Gauteng Willing to accept a...
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    [Sale]  Xonar Essence STX

    Item:Xonar Essence STX Age:Not Sure Bought it new Price:R1200 Negotiable Warranty:Nope , can demo if needed Packaging:No, can package Condition:Excellent Location:Pretoria Reason:Not Being Used Shipping:Can Do but cost on Buyer Collection:Preferred Link:Xonar Essence STX | Sound Cards | ASUS USA
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    [Sale]  Tannoy 633 Floorstanding Speakers R2500

    Item:Tannoy 633 Floorstanding Speakers in Black Age:Dunno Price:R3500 Neg Warranty:Nope can test if you want Packaging:Nope Condition:Excellent Location:Pretoria Reason:Too Many speakers
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    Msi Gtx 660Ti Power Edition R1000

    Item:Msi Gtx 660Ti Power Edition With complete packaging PLEASE NOTE : One fan is not working on the cooler , but it is not overheating during gaming Age: Don't Know Price: R1000 Warranty: Nope Packaging: Yes Condition: Good Location: Pretoria Reason: Not Being Used...
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    [Feeler]  980 Ti's

    Hello Everyone , wanna sell these two cards BUT only if there is buyers for both cards , then i will sell them Or Swap with a 1080TI plus cash Difference Item:Evga 980 Ti ACX 2.0 Age:Dunno Warranty:Bought it from a Member of carb so Don't know Packaging:Yes Condition:Excellent...
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    [Sale]  Sapphire 5970 Toxic 4GB Dual Gpu

    Item:Sapphire 5970 Toxic Dual Gpu Age:Old Warranty:Nope Packaging:Anti Static Bag Condition:Very Good Location:Pretoria Reason:Not using it Shipping:Sure but on your cost Collection:Sure Price:R1000 Neg...
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    [Feeler]  Msi Z270 Gaming M3 Motherboard

    Item:Msi Z270 Gaming M3 Age:9 Months Warranty:A few Months Left with Esquire in Midrand gauteng, Got POP Packaging:Yes All Original Condition:Excellent Location:Pretoria Reason:Not Needed Shipping:If you want on your cost Collection:Preferred Price:R2000 Neg...
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    [Sale]  Gtx 970 Gaming 4G

    Item:Msi Gtx 970 Gaming 4G Age:Dunno i bought it new when it came out Warranty:Don't think so Packaging:Yes Condition:Excellent Location:Pretoria Reason:got two 980 Ti's to Sli Shipping:We can arrange Collection:Sure Price:R3500 Link:
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    [Sale]  Intel i5 2400

    Item:Intel i5 2400 Socket 1155 Age:Don't Know Warranty:Nope Packaging:Will Package it safely Condition:Very Good , Never Overclocked it is not a K Location:Pretoria Reason:Not using it Shipping:If you want to , cost on buyer Collection:Sure Price:R450 Neg...
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    Msi R9 290X Lightning

    Item:Msi R9 290x Lightning Age:Not Sure Warranty:Nope Packaging:All Original Condition:Excellent Location:Pretoria Reason:Upgrading Shipping:Sure can organize Collection:Preferred so you can see that it is working Lekker Price:R4000 Link: