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  1. AndyPants

    "Forced" Vaccination

    Even if this was true (it's not).... It does not make this statement mean anything "full BNT162b2 spike protein" (if that was actually a thing) does not = SARS-COV-2 spike protein. And still have not stated a source for your MEDICAL statement
  2. AndyPants

    "Forced" Vaccination

    Just cite me a source referring to the SARS-COV-2 spike protein as BNT162b2
  3. AndyPants

    "Forced" Vaccination

    Cite me a source You keep saying others are wrong but you cannot cite a source
  4. AndyPants

    "Forced" Vaccination

    You do know that "BNT162b2" is the registered name of the Pfizer/ BioNTech vaccines...right? It has no relation to the classification of the spike protein - the BNT literally stands for BioNTech If you'd like to learn more about the spike protein on on the SARS-COV-2 virus - here is a fairly...
  5. AndyPants

    "Forced" Vaccination

    No citation - still bullshit
  6. AndyPants

    "Forced" Vaccination

    Your source is for the spike protien on the SARS-CoV-2 virus - not that which your body produces after receiving the mRNA vaccine. However - your statement claims "the spike protien is the culprit" for the side effects - but you give zero citation - you are making an ill informed assumption...
  7. AndyPants

    "Forced" Vaccination

    Cite sources or don't post "information" You are not a doctor with experience in medical trials or vaccines i.e. anything you post without a reputable source is bullshit and can actually cause serious harm.
  8. AndyPants


    I have a free-roaming rabbit as well - she is litter trained though, so no problems.
  9. AndyPants


    No such thing as a cheap Roomba - Roomba is a brand - an expensive brand. - my pedanticness aside, I have a more expensive robo vac - I specifically looked for one that can navigate, does not just randomly roam around. The one I got is the Xiaomi Robot Vac Pro Link I wanted the lidar navigation...
  10. AndyPants

    "Forced" Vaccination

    The same reason scientific/medical studies don't count Twitter anecdotes as data points.
  11. AndyPants

    "Forced" Vaccination

    Listen to This Week in Virology (TWiV) The weekly clinical updates are great informative source and not that long
  12. AndyPants

    You taking the Vax?

    I'm really happy to see the vast majority of Carb is getting vaxxed! 83% on the poll so far Gives me some hope for humanity. ;)
  13. AndyPants

    VR chat

    Nope - you're correct
  14. AndyPants

    VR chat

    If you have any questions - this is the place to ask them
  15. AndyPants

    VR chat

    @Wacko_ZA , @superrob and @Moemfie_ZA - just wanted to not derail the guy's sale thread much further. The 64bg version is being replaced with a 128GB version as of 24Aug 2021 at the same price - that guy's price is too high though - you can ship the base model from Amazon for under R6k all...
  16. AndyPants

    What home router do you use and why?

    Ubiquity USG with an AC-LR access point. Reasons - solid setup with good control and insight as to what's happening. - easy vlan setup and control. - separate router and AC, so router is neatly tucked away in a cabinet with all it's wires and access point it positioned perfectly to get maximum...
  17. AndyPants

    Plex server - Which to choose?

    Do I need to buy the Plex Android app for to be able to see my server on the Mi Box? I have the app in trail mode and can't see my the media on my server
  18. AndyPants

    Not a good time to sell

    They do normally allow you ensure secondhand goods against theft - not against damage though
  19. AndyPants

    Not a good time to sell

    Please take this as constructive criticism - clean your shit before posting pics - nobody wants to buy someone else's dusty crap.
  20. AndyPants

    Plex server - Which to choose?

    Please help a noob out here - what do I get for free on Plex and what do I get when I pay? (why would I want to pay?) If the free option won't suffice - I see there are a few tiers/payment options - which payment route would you recommend?
  21. AndyPants

    [Sale] Asus Strix 1080Ti OC 11Gb

  22. AndyPants

    [Sale] Asus Strix 1080Ti OC 11Gb

  23. AndyPants

    Amazon SA

    I buy A LOT from Amazon US delivered to Gauteng in SA, zero hassles, even returns are pretty smooth, pretty quick
  24. AndyPants

    [Sale] Asus Strix 1080Ti OC 11Gb

    Bump - price drop R10500
  25. AndyPants

    [Sale] Asus Strix 1080Ti OC 11Gb

    Yes, still available
  26. AndyPants

    [Sale] Asus Strix 1080Ti OC 11Gb

  27. AndyPants

    [Wanted] Looking for 1080 TI

    Please fill in a ballpark budget - there's a reason that is part of the template
  28. AndyPants

    [Sale] Oculus Quest 64GB

    Wow, that's a good price, this should fly!
  29. AndyPants

    [Sale] Moving Sale

    Pm sent for glass coffee table
  30. AndyPants

    What's the deal with RX580's?

    It used to be a pretty sought after mining card back in 2017 - good performance vs power consumption vs price of card. I haven't kept up with mining in the past few years but I'm pretty sure that's where(miners) most of these are going (and came from).
  31. AndyPants

    [Sale] Asus Strix 1080Ti OC 11Gb

    Bump - price drop
  32. AndyPants

    [Sale] Asus Strix 1080Ti OC 11Gb

  33. AndyPants

    Dcs world

    If you don't mind me asking - Why are you getting a TrackIR and not VR headset?
  34. AndyPants

    [Sale] Playseat and Thrustmaster tp3a Pro pedals

    A few pics or an actual link instead of "google" will help your sale a lot
  35. AndyPants

    [Sale] Asus Strix 1080Ti OC 11Gb

  36. AndyPants

    [Sale]  Asus Strix 1080Ti OC 11Gb

    Item: Asus Strix 1080Ti OC 11Gb Age: 4years Price: R11500 R10500 Payment Method Accepted: EFT Warranty: Expired Packaging: Original Condition: Faded RGB as these cards do - otherwise card is perfect Location: Jhb Fourways Reason: Upgrade Shipping: Can do Collection: Preferred Link: Strix 1080Ti...
  37. AndyPants

    VR Headset questions

    See this thread for relevant info
  38. AndyPants

    VR Headset questions

    ZAR / USD is very strong now, you'll get a great deal importing
  39. AndyPants

    VR Headset questions

    Import a Quest 2 from Amazon. They calculate shipping and customs all before you buy, also look into getting a elite or other aftermarket headstrap. It's the cheapest and easiest way to get it here, don't be scammed by the local pricing. On Amazon, chose the more expensive shipping, that...
  40. AndyPants

    [Wanted] Oculus Quest 2

    Get it from Amazon, shipping literally takes a week, so won't be tomorrow, but the 64gb version comes in at R5500, that includes priority shipping and import tax.
  41. AndyPants

    [Wanted] Looking for NEW S10e

    Got sorted (y)
  42. AndyPants

    [Sale] Oculus Rift S - R4999

    Great price GLWTS
  43. AndyPants

    [Trade] Oculus Rift S + GTX 1070 AMP for anything from RTX 2070 to RTX 3070

    Rift S has a 12 month limited warranttee as per your own takealot link and Oculus website.
  44. AndyPants

    Websites down? Continued.
  45. AndyPants

    Websites down?

    Is there something going on with a bunch of websites globally or did I just happen to win the dead link lotto today? (Or do I have some other issue?) I can't get onto Cars for sale in South Africa, Buy new & used cars online - RhinoShield India: Official Site Protective Cases &...
  46. AndyPants

    [Wanted] 43" Smart Tv...or something simular.
  47. AndyPants

    [Feeler] Asus ROG Strix 2080Ti

    Sent PM
  48. AndyPants

    Need help with autocad

    Student license is your only way - asking for anything illegal (including piracy) on carb will get you banned
  49. AndyPants

    Fibre installation question

    in 2018 I moved into a sectional title house in Fourways where MetroFibre was the infrastructure provider. I wanted the ONT moved as it was in a stupid place inside the house and I had better ideas - MetroFibre told me they will do it on request of my ISP, so I need to get the ISP first. I...