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Recent content by Mossiemos

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    Vpn setup, Help

    I am on Rain 5G so not sure other routers are compatible
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    Vpn setup, Help

    Thanks , what is the cost of untangle after your 14 days trial?
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    British & Irish Lions tour.

    It Wasn't ......
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    TV Advice - Hisense U8QF vs Samsung Q70T

    I also had a lot of issues with a Hisense Tv Replaced the main pc board Then Replaced the Power pc board Bought it from Takealot and could not even send it back , they only send Hisense out to come and repair it I would stay away from Hisense , they are cheaper for a reason
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    [Sale] KRK RP8G3 Studio Monitors

    I had the 5 Inch Rokit's and they are very good would recommend them anyday and no , i do not know him Even if you register you must have 50 Posts to sell anything there on AV forums
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    What is your favourite PC case so far and is it worth the price to performance?

    I also have the Metallic Gear Neo Qube SO far the best case i had , so much space for everything and cable management is excellent 360 Rad , space for two ,, 4 140MM fans in push - pull config Very good build quality
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    Help think i have been scammed

    Maybe yes
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    Help think i have been scammed

    Follow up : I just drove by where he stays and saw him , decided to ask him what is going on He said he's Id was stolen or lost a long time ago , and he's father's girlfriend just visited him and told him what is going on and he even went to the police station to clear it up ..So he says... He...
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    Pick up/ Ship package

    I am not that far and can do that for you , but can only do it tomorrow ? Just pm me for details
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    Pick up/ Ship package

    Which Cash crusaders are you talking about ? Pretoria is big...
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    Help think i have been scammed

    When is read this post , i recognized the Id Photo as Herman Pretorius because it is he's Photo I contacted the victims and told them about it I heard voice notes on Whatsapp and it is not Herman's voice , my friend knows him well and he listened to the message Herman lives of the streets here...
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    Help think i have been scammed

    Just that surname would have made me suspicious Pretoruis it is Pretorius