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RTX 2060 Possibly Delayed
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Nvidia stocks are down 18%. Team green blames the miners. Seems like they're on the gamer's side again, doesn't it?

But there's more to it. Nvidia apparently expected the mining craze to last longer. So they turned all their machines on overdrive and churned out as many 1060's as they possibly could. And then it all stopped, dropped and rolled. Now they're sitting on excess stock they have to move before they can release the RTX 2060. Now while this isn't great news, the question is "how long"?

Well, 3 to 6 months before their stock is cleared, according to CEO Jensen Huang. They're also worried about the second hand market, actually, with the majority of miners offloading their second-hand, mined cards at very attractive prices.

All the above needs to be taken into account. Yes, they never leaked or revealed any possible dates for the RTX 2060 release, but it's safe to assume that they won't release the RTX 2060 with the current stock of GTX 1060 cards on the market...
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