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Thread: Quake Champions

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    Re: Quake Champions

    So I finally got around to redeeming my code and firing this game up.

    1. Holy balls this is fast
    2. Ok getting used to the speed now
    3. Don't know what FPS I'm getting. Don't care; this is so much fun
    4. Wow, my GPU seems to be running warm
    5. Alt-Tab to Windows, open Afterburner...
    6. 100% GPU usage with v-sync on at 60Hz....
    7. Ok so a GTX1070 can't maintain 60fps in Quake Champions at 1440p with everything maxed
    8. Don't care. This is so much fun!
    9. ...I need a 144Hz monitor...
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    Re: Quake Champions

    Quote Originally Posted by vinodh View Post
    A rough calculation shows that a signal traveling at the speed of light will take approximately 40 milliseconds to go from SA to the US. This means that 40 milliseconds is indeed theoretically possible but highly unlikely considering that there's so many things along the route that cause signal delay.

    Also, this means that unless they find some sort of wormhole device or Telkom learn how to bend space-time, we will never get better than 40 milliseconds to the US.
    That's also assuming that we have a fibre line from South Africa to America from here to there with no copper at any point.....which we don't hence why we get roughly 168+ ms ping when pinging a server in the US from South Africa.

    I had a game of quake this week again and had it report a 13ms ping to me....That is definitely a bug on there side cause the lag was terrible when playing and my reported 13ms ping.

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