Hi Guys,

Would you guys mind answering a few questions for me please? Consider it some market research about how we can make your lives easier and offer the right kind of value for your subscription...

  • What is the PM limits on your accounts currently?
  • How much of that limit do you regularly use?
  • Do you delete any of your PMs?
  • How does the price feel, especially with the latest exchange rates? Do you feel the price is reasonable for what you get?
  • How many sales do you make in a month? (Feel free to PM me with this information. I understand privacy and I will keep it confidential). Not money, but sales.
  • How much engagement do you get from potential customers who does not end up buying?
  • Is there anything we can do better/different that will make a difference in your life?
  • Any suggestions to improve the site, resale opportunities and the like?

I would appreciate if every reseller could answer these questions, so that we can cater for a more broad overview of resellers, and not just one or two? Finally, I know some of this information is sensitive. You are free to PM them to me. I will treat it confidentially, and only I will deal with you, so it'll be between you and me only.

Thanks for your cooperation!