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    re: Please keep Distributor/Supplier names/information Private.

    Quote Originally Posted by Senshi View Post
    To the Carbonite commuinity :

    I ask that you guys please, please, keep information on suppliers and their products private and confidential.

    If you have an item and it's still under warranty, put in your post : Under warranty with the supplier. Please don't post their names in the public. I see many forum members still posting supplier details in public. That information is classified as confidential between reseller and supplier.

    Please, I ask you guys again, please refrain from posting this information where everybody can see it. The reseller market is cut-throat as it is, we really don't need people to make our lives even harder by posting what we can get from where and for how much.

    If you have a friend who has accounts at resellers, by all means use them but please don't make it public and invite everybody to use them and then hurt resellers even more.


    Frustrated Reseller


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    re: Please keep Distributor/Supplier names/information Private.

    Yes i totally agree there is really cut throat competition in the resellers market and so it would be betternot to mention the details here...

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