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    Local Ethereum Mining pool

    So I've not really heard or looked hard enough but is there a local mining pool for ethereum?

    If not why haven't we made one already?

    I have the resources to create a decent pool with proper backup and hardware without it costing me anything. The only thing I need to gauge is interest since I've never really seen people talking about it I assume it's not really a need.

    What do you guys think?

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    Re: Local Ethereum Mining pool

    No local mining pool no.

    Think the reason for not creating a pool is it's a bit too late for that now. Reason being is at the current nethash, you will need quite a large amount of miners contributing in order for the pool to find blocks. No blocks found means the miners are just wasting their resources.

    That aside most home miners use nicehash / miningpoolhub so you won't get them over. The larger guys will likely not risk their earnings on a small hub and will rather stick with a well known larger pool i.e. nanopool.

    Lastly local pool are good in that you have lower latency, which would prevent stale shares. For ethereum, nanopool has an EU server which has sufficient latency to prevent this. I have not had a single stale share with nanopool.

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