Hi Mods, hopefully I posted this in the correct section.
Please can you review the iTrader rating given to me by user Chrisflex for my sale of a set of headphones (http://carbonite.co.za/showthread.ph...ing-headphones).

An offer was made by him on the 26/12 via pm stating that he would collect the headphones, to which I made a counter offer and asked that he let me know.
On the 27/12 he said he would be in Boksburg and asked that we meet somewhere in that area, I replied saying that I was away on Holiday in KZN and that I would only be back home on the 30/12.
On the 29/12 another user got in touch and said he will definitely take the headphones and that he will collect it from me the following week, I agreed as there was no response from Chrisflex.
On the 30/12 Chrisflex pm'd me saying he would like to take the headphones. This was the first time he said he would take them. I probably should have, but, I did not reply as reception was sketchy.
On the 01/01 Chrisflex pm'd saying that the 2nd was his last day in SA. Again, I did not reply the same day as I was driving from KZN to JHB.
On the 03/01 I sent a pm to Chrisflex saying that I ended up leaving KZN later than expected because I got the flu, and that I had promised the headphones to another user (not that it mattered since he was out of the country). I also offered to try and get another set for him at the same price if he wanted. He declined and gave me a negative rating.

I think that a negative rating is unfair, as firstly, he did not say that he would take them until the 30th (by which time they were already spoken for); He could argue by saying he is coming to Boksburg on the 27th, that means he is taking them, but then that would invalidated as he wanted me to meet him there which is contrary to his offer to collect them (Boskburg is quite a distance from Randburg, 45 minutes drive ), and then when I told him of my unavailability he did not respond until the 30th, by which time I had a firm offer.

Secondly, he was supposedly out of the country by the time I returned, making the deal impossible in any event.

Finally, I offered to remedy the situation by getting another set of identical headphones in identically new condition for him at the same price, but he declined.

All pm's are still in my inbox, so you can check them to confirm dates and accuracy, and there were no other forms of communication between us other than pm.