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    Re: Star Wars: The Disney Era (INCLUDES SPOILERS PLEASE TAKE NOTE!!!)

    The new generation of movie goers love movies with bright lights, and big explosions.
    Great history and character develop, deep and gripping story isn't things they look for. Case and point Transformers.

    My biggest problem with the new Star Wars movie is...Rey!
    How does on go from being a scavenger to besting someone with year YEARS of training in the art of lightsaber and force yielding. And non of that, "but Ren was shot so that effected his abilities" bs. He froze Rey in the forest when she was captured. He even froze a blaster mid fucking air!! :O Even in diminishing capacity he should have easily been able to take care of her. I still think he should have killed her in the forest, that would have fixed most of the things wrong with these movies.
    If she died, Ren wouldn't have killed Snoke in that KAK manner. Luke would still be a mystery and not have died in that KAK manner. Finn would have died to Ren later, thus no poor attempt at a romance/love interest between Finn and Rose.

    Holy shit, her death fixes so many things.
    Quote Originally Posted by R3aL1Ty View Post
    and boom, some doos is firing away like an LMG with a scope and no ADS and hitting every shot...
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    Re: Star Wars: The Disney Era (INCLUDES SPOILERS PLEASE TAKE NOTE!!!)

    Quote Originally Posted by BARGUILD View Post

    Last big thing that pissed me off (although there were other smaller issues)- COMEDY… I put this in capitals for a reason. Why is that Disney has taken their Marvel writing department and dumped into their Lucasfilm department? Is there a reason? I am baffled by this. The comedy takes away from many of the scenes and is being blatantly overused. 100% There is a comedic play every second or third scene, if not every single scene. Comedy is great and all and it was most definitely used in the originals but there is a good reason certain genres and certain materials have specific, dedicated comic relief. When you turn almost every character into convenient comic relief, it becomes a farce.

    This has bothered me about the new films.
    But then again, I go and watch it with my wife who is not really a Star Wars fans. And she loves it.

    I think most people who watched the original films, found the humor to be misplaced. For a newer audience it seems to be working though

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