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    Help !!! I'm stuck

    soh I currently have an i3 2100 with a GIGABYTE GA-P75 D3 With a Sapphire R7 254 2GB

    I want to know if I should swap my mobo and cpu for the

    Amd a8-7670k with radeon r7.
    MSI A68HM Grenade.

    And then crossfire the apu's R7 with my R7

    Or should I stick with the intel

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    Re: Help !!! I'm stuck

    TL;DR Do your own research, decide if it is worth the effort.

    Start by reviewing the Grenade motherboard.
    Then look at reviews on your CPU vs the new one (not just CPU-compare sites, read an actual review with graphs and shit).
    Confirm the onboard GPU of the AMD CPU.
    Look for reviews that do crossfire tests of that onboard with a dedicated GPU, note the kind of performance increase you will get with/without crossfire enabled.

    It isn't just about the performance bump that you are hoping to get.
    Hardware warranty, who used it before, was it well looked after, are you gaining or losing features etc etc etc all come into the equation.
    If you cannot put what improvement you are getting into numbers then you are not upgrading, you are gambling.
    Make the effort and do some research, it will leave you with a more realistic outlook on the situation.
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    Re: Help !!! I'm stuck

    The A8 is much better than your i3 and if you run it in dual graphics with the R7, you will see noticeable gains.

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