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    Re: PC Gaming on 4K TV

    Quote Originally Posted by Doom5003 View Post
    Any of you gaming on a 4K TV?
    How do you find the experience? Do you fell the difference in higher response time (not sure how big a difference there is between a TV and monitor)
    How close to you sit?
    Reason for asking is, im looking at selling my 34" Ultra Wide screen and going with a 43" Samsung 4K TV, but is sit generally very close, about 08.m from my screen. To counter eye strain I have one of those Gunner glasses.
    Would this and the response time really be a deal breaker?

    Games I play (FPS, MOBA...pretty much any and everything)

    Really hoping for those peeps that play on TVs to jump in here and give their opinion on the pro's and con's of TV gaming vs monitor gaming.
    I tried on my 4k Samsung, monitor is much better that the TV....

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    Re: PC Gaming on 4K TV

    Quote Originally Posted by DominionZA View Post
    I will have a look late when at my machine.
    I followed some online how-to, and honestly cannot remember.
    Thanks, appriciate it!
    Quote Originally Posted by R3aL1Ty View Post
    and boom, some doos is firing away like an LMG with a scope and no ADS and hitting every shot...
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