Hello people of the Carbonite.I have been working on a little project I thought I would share abit of the build so heres some log aciton. I am currently busy designing and building a render server for Blender (and abit of ETH :P ). The Rig will consist of the of the follow parts.

CPU: Intel 3930k
Mobo:Intel DX79TO (Would of loved a better motherboard but no one wants to sell me one
RAM: Some 32GB goodness
PSU's: 1x Corsair RM850 1x Corsair CX850
GPU's 1x Sapphire 290 , 3x Asus 290s
Many HDDs

Here are some renders of what the idea is and will hopefully look like:

I will be making use of my Duplicator 4x 3D Printer to create each required plastic part. The main construction will be Aluminum tubing with printed connectors.

Stay Tuned..