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Thread: Apps Vs Progs

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    Apps Vs Progs

    I've been wondering.

    Since Win 8 came out, Microsoft started calling their programs apps. Before that Apple and their major counterpart, Android (google) labeled their executables as apps. As an old DOS (look it up noobs) user, why doesn't everything, be it ios, android, Windows etc etc just be called what it it is?

    We used to call folders directories. C'mon, you know what I'm talking about. Who knows what CD.. and deltree... and ag I can go on and on, means? I don't live in the past. Not at all, but why change the name of the wheel to: An orbital thing that moves objects around?
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    Re: Apps Vs Progs

    To be fair an executable is only part of an application. There has been no renaming there. And it just happens to be faster to abbreviate applications to apps. So now everything is an app.
    A folder is the visual representation of a directory. But you tell someone who doesn't know computers to click on the directory and they won't have a clue what you're on about, tell them to click on a folder and things will immediately...well "click".

    Also your final example is awful, it's all about having a faster way of describing something whereas your orbital example is sooo much longer.

    I still refer to the contents of the navigation pane as the directory tree.
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    Re: Apps Vs Progs

    I so agree with the app thing. A full retail software package to me is a program. I'll never ever call Photoshop or Autocad an app. My brain just doesn't allow it.
    The directory folder issue I feel is just an evolutionary thing from dos to Windows. As mentioned, it's a visual progression.

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    Re: Apps Vs Progs

    It has been simplified for non technical users. App, is short for application, and Photoshop and Autocad are applications.

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    Re: Apps Vs Progs

    It's gotten so bad that Varsity College renamed their software development course to application development or app dev, because its no longer software and programs its just 'apps'.

    But I agree, it infuriates me when people call complex things like word apps. I cringe when people refer to some things as apps that clearly aren't apps. The way I see it you have programs which have many components and files required, and apps which are mostly standalone.
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