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    Aorus X5 V7 Laptop Resellers Welcome

    Hey Guys!

    Im looking to buy me a new High end Laptop.

    Item: Aorus X5 v7
    Age: As new as Possible (Doubt anyone will have a second hand one)
    Warranty: Yes
    Packaging: Yes
    Condition: Perfect
    Location: CT
    Reason: Upgrade/Desktop replacement
    Shipping: If possible please!
    Collection: Preferred
    Price: Its expensive I know
    Link: ( I know it exits even though its not currently on the site, pretty much the same as the v6 just with the Kaby Lake upgrade)

    Link to CES thread on x5 v7

    These are brand new laptops so i wont be expecting anyone to have one second hand.
    I opened this thread more for the re sellers. Or if anyone knows of any company that will stock these.

    Though if by some miracle someone has one that they want to sell your welcome to let me know.

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