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A portrait lens typically refers to a "long" lens, a lens that is zoomed in as opposed to being wide. This creates a more flattering perspective of faces and prevents them from looking wide and bulgy. You can do this by using the telephoto side of kit lenses, 55mm on an 18-55mm lens for instance.

An 85mm Canon 1.8 prime would probably be the best option for portraits. The best thing would be for her to practice taking photos with the lenses she has. A specialised portrait lens can help blur the background and improve perspective but an equally important purchase would be an external flash, triggers, reflectors and backdrops.

Another thing to consider is where the portraits will be taken. If they're in a spacious, studio-like setting or outdoors, then a long, 85mm lens is perfect. If it's inside a small house then it will be trickier.
I very well agree to 85mm Canon 1.8 prime for portraits.