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    Resellers, please read here

    Hi Guys,

    Would you guys mind answering a few questions for me please? Consider it some market research about how we can make your lives easier and offer the right kind of value for your subscription...

    • What is the PM limits on your accounts currently?
    • How much of that limit do you regularly use?
    • Do you delete any of your PMs?
    • How does the price feel, especially with the latest exchange rates? Do you feel the price is reasonable for what you get?
    • How many sales do you make in a month? (Feel free to PM me with this information. I understand privacy and I will keep it confidential). Not money, but sales.
    • How much engagement do you get from potential customers who does not end up buying?
    • Is there anything we can do better/different that will make a difference in your life?
    • Any suggestions to improve the site, resale opportunities and the like?

    I would appreciate if every reseller could answer these questions, so that we can cater for a more broad overview of resellers, and not just one or two? Finally, I know some of this information is sensitive. You are free to PM them to me. I will treat it confidentially, and only I will deal with you, so it'll be between you and me only.

    Thanks for your cooperation!

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    Re: Resellers, please read here

    Good day

    I have noticed that the sub is gone up which I do not mind at all

    My website is being developed and will be up and running soon would you mind directing members to it if this is in any way against any rules kindly advise me

    Is carbonite going to move over to a more clean streamlined forum ?

    Could we look at other alternative methods of paying for a sub not every person is blessed to have access to the net/paypal or a credit card in this instance

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